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Soft Robotics Introduces First Customizable Gripper System Designed for Universal Robots


Award-winning soft gripper is company's first product developed
specifically for collaborative robot space

Robotics Inc.
announces that the advanced capabilities of Soft
Robotics' technology are now available on all Universal Robots as a
Universal Robots Plus certified product. With today's announcement, Soft
Robotics introduces the Soft Robotics Development Kit — UR+ (SRDK-UR+),
the first plug-and-play Soft Robotics customizable gripper system
designed specifically for Universal Robots. The SRDK-UR+ will be
demonstrated at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS)
in Chicago, IL from September 10-15, 2018 in the Universal Robots booth

The SRDK-UR+ is a one-of-a-kind soft robotic gripping system,
specifically designed for Universal Robots. It enables the adaptive
handling of unstructured tasks and objects of varying size, shape and
weight with a single, integrated and easy-to-use solution. With the
SRDK-UR+, users can quickly prototype, test and validate an infinite
number of applications, such as machine tending, high-speed packaging,
pick and place, assembly and CNC machine automation. This plug-and-play
kit enables a new world of collaborative robotic automation, making it
easy to configure and deploy solutions.

Soft Robotics designs and builds soft robotic automation systems that
can grasp and manipulate items with human hand-like dexterity. Blending
patented material science and AI, Soft Robotics unlocks automation for
large meaningful markets and labor-starved industries such as food and
beverage, advanced manufacturing, and e-commerce. Current in-production
customers include one of the world's largest pizza retailers, a Fortune
50 consumer products company, and Just Born Foods (maker of Peeps).

"Our goal is to make Universal Robots easy for our customers to
implement in any industry, for any application. Soft Robotics shares
this same philosophy, and bringing Soft Robotics technology to Universal
Robots is a great solution for our customers looking to automate
processes that require manipulation of items with the same dexterity as
a human hand," said Anders Bo Rasmussen, Senior Product Manager,
Universal Robots.

"We're thrilled to bring Soft Robotics' technology to Universal Robots,
and develop the first customizable gripper system specifically designed
for the collaborative robot space," said Carl Vause, CEO of Soft
Robotics. "Together, Soft Robotics and Universal Robots are transforming
how manufacturers can handle variable, unstructured tasks that
previously were untouched by industrial robotics and automation."

The SRDK-UR+ is now available for pre-order and will soon be available
as part of the Universal Robots Plus program, an online showroom that
provides cutting-edge products to customize a UR robot application. For
more information, visit:

About Soft Robotics:

Soft Robotics designs and builds soft robotic automation systems that
can grasp and manipulate items of varying size, shape and weight. Spun
out of the Whitesides Group at Harvard University, Soft Robotics is the
only company to be commercializing this groundbreaking and proprietary
technology platform. Today, the company is a global enterprise solving
previously off-limits automation challenges for customers in food &
beverage, advanced manufacturing and e-commerce. Soft Robotics'
engineers are building an ecosystem of robots, control systems, data and
machine learning to enable the workplace of the future. For more
information, please visit
or follow the company @SoftRoboticsInc.

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