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Novarad Number One in Customer Satisfaction on Gartner Peer Insights VNA Category


Medical imaging company recognized by healthcare professionals and
technology decision-makers

Novarad Healthcare Enterprise Imaging has taken the number one spot on
Gartner's Peer Insights technology review platform, outranking every
other competitor in the Vendor-Neutral Archive (VNA) market category.
Novarad has five times as many 5-Star reviews as the 2nd
place vendor.

Gartner Peer Insights is an online platform of anonymous ratings and
reviews of IT software and services. The reviews are written and read by
healthcare professionals and technology decision-makers throughout the
industry. The goal is to help leaders make more insightful purchase
decisions and help technology providers improve their products by
receiving objective unbiased feedback from their customers.

Says one healthcare industry CIO in their review, "We've changed the
radiology area completely with Novarad's software, and that helped us
grow as a hospital and a social service provider. Novarad is part of our

Other reviewers cite the reliability of the product and the exceptional
customer support program.

"The software is easy to use and can pretty much run itself," said
another reviewer, a lead radiology technologist in the healthcare

"NovaPACS has been an excellent product. It has met all our needs and
more. Their customer service is amazing," noted one radiology department
manager. "If it can't be solved immediately, they follow up afterwards
to make sure all the issues were resolved to your satisfaction."

You may view all of Novarad's product reviews on Gartner's website HERE.
To learn more about Enterprise Imaging, VNAs and NovaPACS or to obtain
information on Novarad's other products, please visit our website,,
or follow us on Twitter, @NovaradCorp.

About Novarad

For over 20 years, Novarad has enabled healthcare providers to solve
their imaging problems through its full diagnostic suite. Today,
Novarad's specialized enterprise imaging and workflow solutions continue
to improve upon industry standards and empower healthcare providers
everywhere to solve problems. Through customizable workflow and imaging
solutions, Novarad encompasses medical imaging needs. Visit Novarad at
for more information.

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