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Brower Piven Encourages Short Sellers and Put Owners Who Covered Short Positions or Sold Open Put Positions on August 7 or 8, 2018 and Certain Other Tesla, Inc. Investors to Contact Brower Piven before the Lead Plaintiff Deadline in Class Action Lawsuit


The securities litigation law firm of Brower Piven, A Professional
Corporation, announces that several class action lawsuits have been
commenced in the United States District Court for the Northern District
of California on behalf of investors, including investors who held short
positions in Tesla, Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) ("Tesla" or the
"Company") stock or who owned Tesla puts on August 7 (beginning at 12:48
p.m. eastern time) or August 8 and investors who purchased Tesla
publicly traded securities during the period between August 7, 2018
through August 17, 2018, inclusive (the "Class Period"). Investors who
wish to become proactively involved in the litigation have until October
9, 2018 to seek appointment as lead plaintiff.

If you wish to choose counsel to represent you and the class, you must
apply to be appointed lead plaintiff and be selected by the Court. The
lead plaintiff will direct the litigation and participate in important
decisions including whether to accept a settlement for the class in the
action. The lead plaintiff will be selected from among applicants
claiming the largest loss from investment in Tesla securities during the
Class Period. Members of the class will be represented by the lead
plaintiff and counsel chosen by the lead plaintiff. No class has yet
been certified in the above action.

The complaints accuse the defendants of violations of the Securities
Exchange Act of 1934 by virtue of Elon Musk's August 7 statement of an
intention to take Tesla private and that funding had been secured and of
the later revelation that such funding had not been secured.

According to the complaints, following Elon Musk's August 7 statement
that he had secured funding to take the Company private, the value of
Tesla shares rose until it was revealed on August 8, 2018 that the U.S.
Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") had made inquiries to Tesla
regarding Musk's statement. At least one of the complaints asserts that
investors who covered open short positions and/or who bought back open
put positions during that brief period between Musk's statement and the
revelation the next day of the SEC's interest, may have claims.

According to the complaints, following the August 8, 2018 statement by
Tesla's Board revealing that the transaction was still being evaluated
and could be rejected, and the additional reports on August 8 that the
SEC had made inquiries, Tesla shares declined substantially. The
complaints allege that following an August 9, 2018 report of an inquiry
by the SEC, an August 9, 2018 report that the Board was planning to meet
and refuting that funding was secured, an August 13, 2018
announcement that funding was not secured and there was no binding term
sheet, and an August 14, 2018 report that neither Goldman Sachs nor
Silver Lake were yet working with Musk as financial advisors pursuant to
any signed agreement or in any official capacity relating to taking the
Company private, an August 17, 2018 published interview with Musk
that revealed the stress he had been under, his use of Ambien and the
manner in which the August 7, 2018 tweet had been conceived, the value
of Tesla shares declined significantly.

If you have suffered a loss in excess of $100,000 from covering short
positions in Tesla stock or from the sale of open Tesla puts on August 7
or 8, 2018 or from investment in Tesla securities purchased on or after
August 7, 2018 and held through the revelation of negative information
during and/or at the end of the Class Period and would like to learn
more about this lawsuit and your ability to participate as a lead
plaintiff, without cost or obligation to you, please contact Brower
Piven either by email at or
by telephone at (410) 415-6616.

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