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Mobile Services in Sub-Saharan Africa: Trends and Forecasts 2018-2023 -


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services in Sub-Saharan Africa: trends and forecasts 2018-2023"

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Mobile data services will drive mobile service revenue growth in
Sub-Saharan Africa between 2018 and 2023, but mobile voice will continue
to be a key contributor to service revenue.

This report analyses the most important trends and drivers that are
affecting mobile telecoms services in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and
examines the impact that these trends will have during the next 5 years.
It includes country views for Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa,
Tanzania and Uganda.

This report provides:

  • a 5-year forecast of mobile KPIs for SSA and for six key countries
  • an in-depth analysis of the trends, drivers and forecast assumptions
    for each type of mobile service, and for key countries
  • an overview of operator strategies and country-specific topics, which
    highlights similarities and differences between countries
  • a summary of results, key implications and recommendations for mobile

Data coverage

Mobile connections

  • Handset, mobile broadband, M2M
  • Prepaid, contract
  • 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G
  • Smartphone, non-smartphone

Mobile revenue

  • Service, retail
  • Prepaid, contract
  • Handset, mobile broadband, IoT
  • Handset voice, messaging, data

Mobile ARPU

  • SIMs, handset
  • Prepaid, contract
  • Handset voice, data

Voice traffic

  • Outgoing minutes, MoU

Who Should Read this Report

  • Market intelligence, strategy and project managers at mobile operators
    in SSA.
  • Regulatory bodies in SSA.
  • Financial institutions that directly invest in the telecoms sector in
    the region, or advise others that do so.
  • Press and media bodies that need a foundation of knowledge of the
    mobile telecoms market in SSA.

Key Topics Covered:

Executive summary

Service revenue will grow at a 2.7% CAGR during 2016-2022 to USD45. 2
billion amidst regulatory and macroeconomic challenge

Worldwide trends

Worldwide: Mobile service revenue will continue to increase during the
forecast period, reaching USD857 billion in 2022

Regional trends

  • Mobile data services will drive revenue growth in the region, but
    mobile voice revenue will continue to dominate
  • Connections will increase in most countries, driven by improved
    coverage and competition - but growth will slow down
  • 2G will remain the predominant technology in SSA, while 4G will
    account for only 11.7% of mobile connections in 2022
  • South Africa will have the highest mobile 4G and smartphone share of
    handsets by 2022 - at 31.3% and 73.6%, respectively
  • Mobile connectivity has been central to tablet adoption, but
    substitution from smartphones and Wi-Fi will increase
  • Spending on non-voice services will help to slow down ARPU decline in
    most countries in SSA
  • Improved network coverage, affordability of smartphones and price

Country-level trends

  • Ghana: Non-voice services, including mobile money, will help to boost
    revenue despite modest growth in terms of SIMs
  • Kenya: Demand for data and mobile financial services will encourage
    the continued growth of connections and revenue
  • Nigeria: Strong subscriber growth against the backdrop of weak
    economic outlook which will impact consumer spend
  • South Africa: The release of LTE spectrum will improve competition
    while economic difficulties will weaken demand
  • Tanzania: Rising smartphone take-up, 700MHz auction spectrum and
    mobile money will support revenue growth
  • Uganda: The shift from voice to data usage will be accompanied by
    revenue growth, despite low adoption of 4G

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