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STAPLES Center and Microsoft Theater Select E15 to Launch a Custom, First-of-Its-Kind Voice of the Customer Program


STAPLES Center and Microsoft Theater are joining forces with E15, Levy's
analytics and emerging tech subsidiary, to launch a first-of-its-kind
Voice of the Customer (VOC) Program to measure all aspects of the guest
experiences at both AEG owned and operated venues. This program will
enable STAPLES Center and Microsoft Theater to better understand what is
important to its guests and respond to and improve their experience.
E15's approach is driven by consumer insights science and leverages data
and analytics to help its partners create a hospitality culture and
improve fan experience to an unprecedented degree.

Beginning this fall at STAPLES Center and Microsoft Theater, E15 will
begin a rolling implementation of its Voice of the Customer program to
measure all aspects of the guest experience at both venues. This is the
largest Voice of the Customer program yet undertaken in sports and
entertainment, bringing E15's expertise in consumer insights, deep
knowledge of the sports and entertainment industry and experience
developing consumer insights programs at venues like Churchill Downs,
Moda Center and Tropicana Field. This program will measure and analyze
every aspect of the guest experience, from the moment a guest purchases
a ticket until the moment they leave the venue.

"At STAPLES Center and Microsoft Theater, listening to and learning from
our guests on how we can continually improve the guest experience is a
top priority," Lee Zeidman, President, STAPLES Center & Microsoft
Theater. "Teaming up with E15 in this first-of-its-kind Customer VOC
Program is incredibly exciting for all of us and we look forward to
engraining this level of consumer science into our venues and receiving
feedback from our guests."

Using advanced consumer science methodologies, E15 will measure the
sentiment of fans through a unique approach that gives an unprecedented
level of detail without creating burdensome requirements of those
surveyed. It also will allow STAPLES Center and Microsoft Theater to
understand how their guests feel and what is most important to them.
Most regular guests of STAPLES Center and Microsoft Theater should
expect to be invited to provide feedback at some point during the coming

Teams and venues have long had the goal of measuring the experience of
their guests through surveys of fans, yet have struggled to gain a
meaningful and, more importantly, actionable insights from these
surveys. Historically, surveys either do not provide enough detail or
require so much detail from participants that those taking the survey
are overwhelmed and the accuracy of results are compromised.

"The expectations of guests at sports and entertainment venues are
constantly evolving, and it's essential for organizations to employ
methods of measuring these expectations that are designed to capture and
gain actionable insights from the data," said Jaime Faulkner, CEO of
E15. "The Voice of the Customer program that E15's Consumer Insights
team has designed for STAPLES Center and Microsoft Theater will give
these venues an unprecedented understanding of every moment of the guest
experience, creating incredibly powerful tools for shaping the evolution
of these great buildings."

E15's Consumer Insights practice has been analyzing customer feedback on
food and beverage for several years and E15's partners have gained such
meaningful insights and improvements to fan experience that partners
have begun to ask for the same approach to measure the entire guest

E15 will put particular focus on measuring the top drivers of the guest
experience, including:

  • Ticket Purchase Experience
  • Parking
  • Venue Entry
  • Speed of Service
  • Wayfinding
  • In-Game Entertainment
  • Food & Beverage
  • Facilities
  • Hospitality of Team Members

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