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Nevelex Labs Announces Security Flow Beta Program


Nevelex Labs is announcing the beta release of its Security Flow
product, an automation and orchestration tool for the corporate security
space. Security Flow helps companies integrate their diverse security
tools, enabling them to harness the full value of each product with
ease, saving significant time and money.

Why Use Security Flow?

Security Flow provides the capability to automate the time-consuming
actions security analysts do each day, allowing teams to tackle
high-value security work.

Historically, a security team spends a significant amount of time
manually dealing with email phishing attempts. A security analyst would
perform steps to gather threat intelligence, determine the severity of
the issue, block the appropriate domains, and clean up emails and
affected machines. After automating with Security Flow, these tasks will
take minutes and limit user error. By automating common tasks, the
window of vulnerability is decreased, responses are repeatable, and
actions are tracked. This is just one of the countless ways Security
Flow can help a company utilize the full value of their security

Security Flow Beta Program

We are seeking beta users to provide us feedback on usage and features.
Security Flow is available now.

Why become a beta tester?

  • Start using Security Flow right now
  • Direct feedback loop to the development team to help improve product
  • The opportunity to add functionality that will support your products
    and requirements
  • Use a free evaluation version of the product

Learn more about Security Flow at

About Nevelex Labs, LLC

Nevelex Labs is the product company to Nevelex Corporation. Nevelex
Corporation has been engineering custom networking solutions since 2002.
Security Flow is the first product released for the Nevelex Labs
company. Custom integration services are available to help install and
adapt Security Flow to any network infrastructure.


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