Market Overview Announces Top 10 Most Popular Recipes of America's Home Cooks


What Home Cooks are Actually Cooking the First Half of 2018

There are dozens of food trends that make headlines every year (artisan
condiments, gut-friendly foods, etc.), and associated recipes are viewed
across print, broadcast, mobile and desktop every day. But what are
America's home cooks actually cooking?,
a true vertical social network around food and recipes, has the pulse of
America's home cooks. The site has millions of members, all home cooks
(a true representative sample of the US population), that post, pinch
(save), share, rate, and confirm cooking recipes through the millions of
cloud-based recipe boxes they control across virtually any food or
recipe site on the internet. These home cooks have collected over
650,000 unique recipes, making it one of the largest repositories of
user-posted recipes on the internet., using a proprietary algorithm, is releasing the
recipes most saved, viewed, shared, rated and cooked in home cook's
cloud-based recipe boxes for the first half of 2018. 
This gives
real insight into the recipes that are being viewed, shopped for and
actually cooked in these home kitchens, and representative of the type
of recipes similarly being cooked across the country. Internet search
traffic for recipes only highlights viewing trends, but when millions of
home cooks directly engage with and ultimately save a recipe in their
own personal recipe box, it demonstrates a purposeful intent to cook.

From Jan. 1-June 30, 2018 here are's Top 10 most popular
and cooked Recipes from around the Internet:

Food trends come and go, but America's home cooks are focused on
providing great, tasty meals for their families. Time and ease of
preparation, expense, taste and presentation are many of the factors
home cooks consider in creating meals. While comfort food, casseroles
and desserts often top the list of home cook's most popular and actually
cooked dishes, unique recipe trends always emerge throughout different
seasons, holidays, events and the year.

What's really being cooked in home kitchens the rest of 2018? Watch for
our announcements and stay connected with us as we will provide
quarterly updates, and regular monthly, seasonal, and holiday trending
recipes saved and cooked by home cooks across the US.


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