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YOOZOO Games Unveils New Company Strategy at gamescom 2018


Investing into globalization is at the core of YOOZOO Games' future
as a company

For gamescom's 10th anniversary this year YOOZOO Games have
yet again put on a big show, unveiling new games and putting on an
impressive display for gamers coming to Cologne. However, YOOZOO has
also revealed their new strategies for the coming years, namely to do
with globalization.

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YOOZOO Mansion in Shanghai (Photo: Business Wire)

YOOZOO Mansion in Shanghai (Photo: Business Wire)

YOOZOO Games' main strategy is currently expanding on their
globalization initiatives, especially due to the fact that global sales
currently account for around 60% of their total sales. Since YOOZOO
Games started their global publishing in 2013, globalization has quickly
become a core part of their company and strategy. More focus than ever
is being put into localizing games for players all over the world,
providing new versions for existing games, and releasing new games in
multiple languages. Not only are they aiming to fully localize game
text, but also the look and feel of the games to provide players with
the game that is best suited for them. YOOZOO has done so by setting up
subsidiaries in Germany, Britain, Singapore, India, Japan, Korea and
more to build a comprehensive global distribution and R&D team. Since
YOOZOO acquired Bigpoint in 2016, they have also been making use of
Bigpoint's expertise and experience in order to help with localization
and globalization initiatives. Liu Wanqin, YOOZOO VP, said that YOOZOO's
"global network is enabling us to penetrate overseas markets and export
quality original content to international markets."

In order to resonate with local cultures and fine-tune the delivery of
their products to global markets, YOOZOO has divided the world into
different regions, such as North American, Europe, South East Asia, and
then again into markets to analyze each of their characteristics. This
is especially important for mature markets such as those in Europe where
competition is fierce. In developing game markets such as those in India
or Latin America, YOOZOO will instead seek to take the lead and help
cultivate gamers' habits. An example of this is Legacy of Discord
Furious Wings that supports 16 different languages worldwide, covering
more than 200 countries and regions and provides customized in-game
events for players across different regions and cultures.

The framework YOOZOO Games are using to guide their future and their
globalization initiative can be divided into three main sections. First,
the globalization of R&D, where the company will focus their research on
specific regions and markets, and will develop games accordingly.
Second, the company aims to release top-quality products to the global
market while collaborating on, and developing top IP from around the
world. Finally, YOOZOO will distribute its games overseas with its
subsidiary companies leading the way as the Shanghai headquarters
supports them. YOOZOO's vision for its globalization is already underway
where development and distribution of games with be done using a
combination of globalization and regionalization.

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About YOOZOO Games

YOOZOO Games is a global entertainment company specializing in game
development and distribution. The company is headquartered in Shanghai
with offices in London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other major
cities. Since its founding in 2009, YOOZOO has launched a multitude of
highly successful products such as Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings and
League of Angels, and has forged a strong global distribution network.

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