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Klick Health Develops Algorithms to Predict Blood Glucose Levels for Type 1 Diabetes Patients


Data science team's research is published after presenting at AI
conference in Stockholm

today announced that its team of data scientists has
developed algorithms to predict blood glucose levels for patients with
Type 1 diabetes using gradient-boosted trees as a competitive predictor.

Their research paper, ‘Predicting
Glycemia in Type 1 Diabetes Patients: Experiments with XGBoost
could lay the groundwork for assessing blood glucose levels 30 minutes
into the future.

It was published after being presented at the The
3rd International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery in Healthcare Data
the 2018 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
(IJCAI) in Stockholm, Sweden and can be viewed at

Authored by Klick's Cooper Midroni, Peter Leimbigler, Gaurav Baruah,
Maheedhar Kolla, Alfred Whitehead, and Yan Fossat, the research is based
on the well-validated OhioT1DM
containing eight weeks of self-reported data from six
patients with Type 1 diabetes. The data includes physiological fitness
wristband data, self-reported information, continuous glucose
monitoring, and insulin pump data.

The Klick team's unique approach to the research included using the
XGBoost open-source gradient-boosting software library (a technique
applied more in industry than in research), tuning the model using
clinically-relevant criteria taken from medical science, and assessing
the fitness band's effect on prediction accuracy.

"We hypothesized that the fitness band could be used as part of a
digital biomarker for blood glucose but we ended up proving the
opposite," said Alfred Whitehead, Klick's SVP, Data Science. "The
wearables data induced noise and misled the algorithm, so by discarding
the data we were able to improve the accuracy of our algorithms. Thanks
to the relentless work of our data science team, we established that
past and present blood glucose levels along with self-reported data on
meals are the best predictors."

Today's news puts the spotlight on the diverse team of data scientists,
biomedical engineers, and social scientists at Klick Labs. It also
highlights the company's ongoing investment in research and AI solutions
as part of its work to help improve the well-being of patient
populations with its proven commercial, scientific, medical and
technological expertise.

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