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GEICO Reminds Drivers to Move Over for Tow Trucks, Too


While many drivers know to change lanes when a police cruiser or
ambulance is stopped along a roadway, fewer of them know that tow
trucks, too, are among the emergency vehicles that require drivers to
‘move over.'

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration,
all 50 states have some form of Move Over Law that directs drivers to
change lanes in order to move away from emergency vehicles with visual
signals such as flashing lights; drivers are to slow down if there is no
other lane available.

Still, towing associations across the country are finding that many
motorists don't know the law applies to tow trucks as well. Such
unawareness can have tragic consequences. Between 50 and 100 tow truck
operators lose their lives each year in roadside accidents, the Towing &
Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum estimates.

The Towing and Recovery Association of America and state towing groups
have embarked on a campaign to educate drivers about the importance of
moving over. Last October, awareness events were held across the country
as part of the first-ever National Move Over Day.

Assistant Vice President John Little oversees GEICO's
Emergency Roadside Service, and he knows the dangers tow truck drivers
face on the job each day.

"Tow truck drivers and all emergency vehicle personnel want to do their
jobs safely and go home to their loved-ones at the end of the day; we
can all help them do that by obeying Move Over Laws and driving
distraction-free," Little said.


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