Market Overview

Delivering on Labor Day, GYFT™ Pregnancy Companion Delivers Essentials for Modern Moms-to-Be


First-of-its-kind pregnancy companion to include full term or
trimester specific prenatal supplements, AI powered app and wearable
pendant to optimize pregnancy with the latest science, technology and
expert advice

Set to deliver on Labor Day, GYFT™
Pregnancy Companion
, a STYR
innovation, is the world's first and only pregnancy companion
for the modern mom-to-be. Backed by the latest research in nutrition
science and AI technology, GYFT includes 36 weeks of trimester-specific
prenatal vitamins + DHA, a mobile app that offers daily guidance from
expert companions, and a wearable digital pendant that captures
pregnancy moments as it tracks health.

Expectant mothers and new moms often find themselves asking a million
questions. To date, there hasn't been one centralized place to find
science-validated answers to questions on pregnancy nutrition, fitness,
mindfulness, hydration and birth preparedness from a reliable source.
GYFT empowers expectant mothers by bringing together the latest science,
technology and pregnancy intelligence into one package. GYFT provides
the highest quality supplements for each stage of prenatal development,
along with daily advice from expert companions, and an easy-to-use app
for logging diet and exercise.

"At STYR Labs, we have always focused on using technology, science and
data to help people lead healthier lives," said Sergio Radovcic, STYR
Labs' Founder and CEO. "We're reimagining what the pregnancy journey
should look like to better serve the modern mom-to-be. GYFT fills a
clear void by delivering healthy pregnancy essentials in one convenient

At $249 for full term or $99 per trimester, expectant mothers have
access to the three components of the GYFT Pregnancy Companion:

  • GYFT Prenatal Vitamins deliver essential vitamins, minerals and
    oils, all carefully selected based on the latest prenatal science and
    optimized for each trimester, to perform important functions at each
    stage of a baby's development. The vitamins are delivered in
    convenient, single-day blister packs, and are organized by trimester.
    Dosing and sourcing of ingredients are based on a review of more than
    350 clinical trials and studies to assure maximum effectiveness,
    purpose and bioavailability. GYFT offers the highest level of
    transparency of any prenatal supplement on the market so that
    expectant mothers know exactly what's going into their bodies and
    what's being delivered to their babies.
  • GYFT Digital Pendant is designed to be worn as a necklace,
    wristband, or bra clip. Working in sync with the GYFT mobile app, the
    pendant tracks nutrition, hydration and activity to optimize health
    and wellness. It also captures the more intimate pregnancy milestones.
    By using the pendant to mark significant moments, the app intuitively
    asks what that moment was, so it can be logged – whether it's an
    ultrasound or the baby's first kick. Users can upload videos, photos
    and more to share precious moments with friends and family.
  • GYFT Pregnancy Companions are experts in their fields, who
    provide daily, tailored guidance to expectant and new moms at every
    step of the first 1,000 days of motherhood through the GYFT app. The
    companions include Dr. Nicole Avena, neuroscientist, PhD and
    best-selling pregnancy author; Lori Bregman, celebrity doula; Alicia
    Jerome, nutrition expert; Nikki Metzger, Nike Master Trainer; and
    Kylene Bogden, performance dietitian/nutritionist.

Expectant mothers can opt to purchase prenatal vitamins for individual
trimesters, each at $99 per trimester, which also includes the app and
digital pendant.

GYFT has teamed up with Vitamin
to provide supplements to women in need across the globe. For
every GYFT Pregnancy Companion purchased, two full-term prenatal vitamin
sets will be given to expectant mothers to help increase birth weight
and combat infant mortality.

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About GYFT Pregnancy Companion

To be delivered on Labor Day 2018, GYFT Pregnancy Companion is the only
pregnancy companion designed for the modern mom-to-be – providing the
latest science, technology and pregnancy intelligence, all in one
convenient package. For $249, expectant mothers and new moms receive 36
weeks' worth of trimester-specific prenatal vitamins, a digital pendant
to track health and important pregnancy moments, and access to expert
pregnancy companions.

About STYR Labs

Launched in 2014, STYR Labs' singular focus is to make the world a
healthier place through the personalized nutrition-as-a-service STYR
Labs app and devices. With the ability to sync and link devices that
track activity, body composition and hydration, coupled with the world's
first voice-activated food-logging system that tracks macro and
micronutrients per meal, the platform paints a unique picture of every
user. Evolving with each user through machine learning technology, the
STYR Labs app makes supplementary recommendations that are personalized
to the individual and can be ordered as subscriptions that are then
delivered directly to customers' doorsteps.

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