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Cloudtenna Delivers Enterprise Search Industry's First Desktop Integration into Microsoft Cortana and Apple Spotlight


Query search using company's Global File Search solution returns
results from across disparate repositories and apps in addition to local
machine data

Software startup Cloudtenna today introduced a Global File Search (GFS)
solution that, for the first time, provides native desktop integration
into Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant and Apple's Spotlight search
feature. Users of these two services can now simply enter queries
directly into the Cortana or Spotlight search field and achieve results
from not only local machine data but across all Cloudtenna-supported
repositories; including on-premises repositories, cloud file storage
services like Box and DropBox and hosted/online applications like Slack
and Salesforce.

Cloudtenna DirectSearch™ uses machine learning intelligence, natural
language processing and automation to address the growing problem of
file sprawl with enterprise file search. Through this new integration
into Cortana and Spotlight users can now simultaneously search across
all collaborative tools available throughout an organization to
significantly improve productivity and ensure file version control with
results appearing natively within the desktop search.

Users can find files by name, sender, data, file type, keyword, content
or other attributes regardless of where it is stored and presents search
results in 400-600 milliseconds. DirectSearch learns from relevance,
context and user behavior to continuously improve search results and
rankings. DirectSearch is an enterprise product designed to maintain
stringent enterprise security requirements and does not store user
passwords. Future products from Cloudtenna will address advanced file
management, analytics, auditing, and e-governance.

"The ability to provide a one-and-done search option for enterprise
users cannot be understated," said Bryan Pham, Cloudtenna CTO. "People
have been conditioned too long to either accept less-than-complete
results from their searches or expect significant slowdowns in
productivity while they perform a more comprehensive search. By adding
native integration into the Cortana or Spotlight search functions,
Cloudtenna is able to deliver results for files scattered across email,
network drives, cloud storage and collaborative apps in addition to
local machine data. This significantly improves searchability and
collaboration by ensuring that your files are quickly and easily
accessible regardless of where they are stored."

MacOS and Windows users interested in joining Cloudtenna's beta program
for Spotlight and Cortana may visit

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About Cloudtenna
Cloudtenna was founded to bring order to
file chaos with a suite of AI-powered applications for file management.
Cloudtenna's team has decades of experience in both enterprise
infrastructure and cloud file management services at leading companies
including Rhapsody Networks, Oxygen Cloud, Symantec, Sun Microsystems,
NetApp, EMC,, and VERITAS. The team has developed over 20
successful OEM programs from the ground up. Its executives are
complemented by engineers who have made key contributions to the NetApp
WAFL and VxFS code bases, among other file systems. Together, the
Cloudtenna team is revolutionizing how people work with files inside the
enterprise with the next generation of file management, file analytics,
auditing, and governance. For more information visit

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