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Headset Insights Launches In Calif., Providing Data Analytics for The Top Cannabis Market


Business Intelligence Company Tailors New Software For Competitive
Edge on the West Coast

Headset is proud to announce the latest launch of its market
intelligence product Headset Insights, for California's legal
cannabis industry, expanding its cannabis intelligence coverage to the
largest cannabis economy in the US.

Headset Insights is a tool for businesses that delivers market trends
based on aggregated sales data collected from retailers and dispensaries
in real-time, so operators can better understand the competitive
landscape, know their brands' position in the market, and even identify
opportunities for future product development.

As the birthplace of cannabis legalization initiatives in 1996, the
forecasted size of the California market is expected to swell to $5.6
billion by 2020, marking it the largest in the United States, with all
four of its major metropolitan markets currently online with legal
cannabis production, testing and retail outlets.

The number of retail licenses grew by 113% during the first six months
of 2018, proving that there will be no shortage of outlets available to
the adult use consumer. As of July 1, stringent new regulations on
testing, packaging, and labeling have gone into effect in California,
securing the positions of the industry's most serious players. There has
never been more need for big data products and services.

"Since we launched our Insights platform last year in Washington,
Colorado and Nevada, retailers, manufacturers and brands throughout the
state of California have been asking us when we would be expanding to
their state to provide them with this valuable tool," says Cy Scott,
founder and CEO of Headset. "We are delighted to be able to now offer
California market data to our customers helping companies get a better
sense of category, segment, brand and product trends as the California
cannabis industry continues to mature and cement itself as the largest
market in the world. Although the market is quite new, our data already
shows that California is behaving in a significantly different way than
other recreational markets."

The cannabis industry is moving rapidly, and operators are looking to
use data analytics to identify the fastest-moving product segments and
consumer demographics before their competitors do.

Unlike other software tools, Headset collects this data in real time,
directly from the industry's top POS systems, and reports back to
operators to guide their most crucial business decisions.

Cannabis operators and other industry players can run analytics
on cannabis products at the SKU, brand and category level, gaining key
insights into where they rank within the overall market. Headset's
market data illustrates how manufacturers stack up next to the
competition and is invaluable for brand positioning when approaching new
or existing clients.

Real-time analytics are important, as the state regulations continue to
change, and new licenses continue to roll out, creating even more
competition. With Headset Insights real-time data, operators can find
out what is happening in the market right away and make timely business

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industry report.

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For more information on Headset and its services in California, visit

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