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LiveData Utilities President Brad Harkavy Reveals Smart Grid Integration Promise of OTMB Middleware


SCADA Tech Summit Session Explores How Utilities Can Architect an
OT Middleware Bridge Between Operational Technology and IT Assets

Every day renewable and traditional energy companies add new Distributed
Energy Resources to the electric power grid. This avalanche of new
assets and the associated real-time data needed to manage each asset
increases the complexity of managing the grid at a geometric rate. While
managing the grid is an ever-expanding challenge, LiveData Utilities
President Brad Harkavy explains how OT middleware can help utilities
simplify the endless influx of DER data and systems while
future-proofing their architecture in a session at the forthcoming SCADA
Tech Summit.

Based on research from several smart grid utilities, his presentation,
"Architect a Light-Weight Middleware OTMB to Bridge All Your OT Assets
and IT," is a featured session on Sept. 12, opening day of the two-day
SCADA Tech Summit at the Double-Tree Oak Brook (Illinois).

Harkavy said that to answer these demands, more utilities are employing
an OT middleware software pattern called an Operational Technology
Message Bus (OTMB) within their OT/IT hybrid architectures. These
architectures provide for bi-directional publication and consumption of
OT data between SCADA systems, assets and devices utilizing various
protocols (ICCP DNP3, MODBUS, OCP, etc.), IT and OT analytics
applications, time-series databases and SQL databases.

"Utilities that have employed an OTMB as a bridge between IT and OT have
experienced reduced operational complexity and costs while bringing
integrated OT online faster," Harkavy said.

The single architectural layer enables utilities to unify and manage
distributed assets and their data regardless of their relation to a
system or protocol language, he explained. In addition, this middleware
layer establishes an operational technology structure to simplify growth
and data management as well as enable greater business intelligence.

Harkavy will share information derived from establishing bi-directional
communication and interoperability between independent and unique smart
grid data networks and SCADA systems or SCADA-less systems at numerous
utilities. He examines scenarios for SCADA system applications, OT
real-time middleware applications, and a hybridized approach that uses
both SCADA and middleware.

"Frequently an OTMB is a better integration bridge to analytics
applications than a traditional SCADA system," Harkavy said. "The
increase of marketplace assets and consequent complexity requires
utilities and generation operators to implement OT middleware solutions
to successfully manage their systems and data today while having high
performance scalability tomorrow."

SCADA Technology Summit 2018 is a leading global event focused on the
latest economic developments and technical advancements in the SCADA and
ICS markets and technologies bringing together worldwide SCADA experts.
Professionals involved in SCADA/ICS technologies use this once-a-year
conference to learn the latest advancements in applications, new
technology, as well as global issues of remote and distributed equipment
and facilities.

About LiveData Utilities

LiveData Utilities is a leading innovator of real-time integration and
data visualization technology for the smart grid. A business unit of
LiveData, Inc., the company's solutions continuously monitor,
synthesize, and respond to highly complex, multi-faceted processes in
real time, spanning a broad mix of distributed devices, diverse vendor
systems, protocols, and databases. Founded in 1991, LiveData serves
customers in healthcare and electric power and utilities industries.

LiveData Utilities™ smart grid solutions simplify operational technology
integrations enabling real-time management of power grid assets;
establishing network segmentation and protection for critical
infrastructure; connecting to ISO/RTO markets; allowing SCADA, NMS, OMS
and DMS real-time state monitoring, control, and communication; and
providing demand response aggregation. For more information, visit
LiveData is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

NOTE: LiveData is a registered trademark of LiveData, Inc. LiveData
Utilities, LiveData Real-Time Integration, and LiveData RTI Server are
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