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Nintendo Announces Diverse Lineup of Nindies Coming to Nintendo Switch


Featured Indie Games Include Into the Breach, Hyper
Light Drifter – Special Edition and TowerFall, Among Others

Over the next several months, Nintendo
will see its already deep game library grow even more with
the release of a diverse lineup of games from independent developers.
During a Nindies Showcase video presentation, Nintendo highlighted just
a slice of this varied lineup of indie games, which includes indie hits
like Into
the Breach
, Hyper
Light Drifter – Special Edition
and TowerFall,
as well as first-time releases like Zarvot
and Bullet

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The hit turn-based strategy game is headed to Nintendo Switch. In the stylish Into the Breach, playe ...

The hit turn-based strategy game is headed to Nintendo Switch. In the stylish Into the Breach, players will suit up in powerful mechs and defend against the Vek infestation across randomly generated islands. Into the Breach is available for Nintendo Switch starting … TODAY! (Photo: Business Wire)

"The ever-growing community of talented independent developers sees the
benefit of releasing creative games on the versatile Nintendo Switch, a
system that can be played at home or on the go," said Steve Singer, Vice
President for Nintendo of America's Publisher & Developer Relations
team. "We are happy to support their work and contributions on our
platform as we further grow our strong relationship."

To view the Nindies Showcase video in its entirety, visit
Highlights of the presentation include:

  • Into the Breach: The hit turn-based strategy game is
    headed to Nintendo Switch. In the stylish Into the Breach,
    players will suit up in powerful mechs and defend against the Vek
    infestation across randomly generated islands. Players can perfect
    their strategy and build the ultimate mech by finding powerful new
    weapons and unique pilots throughout the campaign. Into the Breach
    is available for Nintendo Switch starting … TODAY!
  • Hyper Light Drifter – Special Edition: In the Nintendo
    Switch version of this critically acclaimed action/adventure game,
    players can equip an exclusive outfit that will help them locate
    hidden items. The Special Edition also includes new weapons like the
    Crystal Shot and deadly Blade Caster. Hyper Light Drifter – Special
    is available for pre-purchase today, and launches for
    Nintendo Switch on Sept. 6.
  • TowerFall: Anyone who is interested in the indie game
    scene has most likely heard of TowerFall. The extremely popular
    action game is beloved by many people for its slick fast-paced
    gameplay and raucous local multiplayer matches. This version of the
    game includes all the original and add-on content, as well as a new
    six-player battle mode, four additional Variants and the ability to
    play as Madeline and Badeline, two characters from indie game Celeste.
    TowerFall ascends onto Nintendo Switch on Sept. 27, but is also
    available for pre-purchase starting today.
  • Treasure
    : Treasure Stack adds a unique platforming
    mechanic with hookshots and grappling hooks to the traditional falling
    block puzzle formula. In the game, players control a whimsical cast of
    heroes as they navigate obstacles to stack treasure chests and solve
    puzzles. With cross-platform play with Xbox One and PC, players will
    be able to stack online with even more players. Treasure Stack
    launches for Nintendo Switch this winter.
  • Zarvot: Charcoal and Mustard are the stars of this
    charming arcade game about friendship among cubes. In the game's story
    mode, players adventure through nine worlds as they attempt to cheer
    up their best friend. And in Versus Mode, friends can challenge
    friends to some cutthroat cube action across five game modes. Zarvot
    launches first on Nintendo Switch in October.
  • Mineko's
    Night Market
    : While Mineko's Night Market boasts
    more than 20 hours of story-based gameplay, including four regions to
    explore, diverse villagers to meet, interesting quests to undertake,
    and activities like sewing and woodworking to partake in, it also
    features cats. A lot of them. But even though this is a game starring
    cats, dog people will love it as well! Mineko's Night Market
    opens for business first on consoles on Nintendo Switch in early 2019.
  • Samurai
    Gunn 2
    : This sequel to the original lightning-fast Bushido
    brawler features a new adventure mode. Players can explore a medieval
    metropolis on the brink of crisis to discover the mystery behind Gunn
    City's ghostly threat. Classic Versus Mode returns, with up to four
    players battling it out in sword-and-gun battles. Samurai Gunn 2
    launches on Nintendo Switch in early 2019.
  • Bullet Age: In this co-op action game, players can team
    up with another player in an intuitive mix of sword-and-gun gameplay. Bullet
    also features challenging platforming, fully upgradable
    weapons and a charming cartoon art style. Players will feel HD Rumble
    when they attack and when locating hidden secrets. Bullet Age
    launches as a console exclusive on Nintendo Switch in November.
  • The
    World Next Door
    : Influenced by anime, The World Next
    is a story-driven game that follows a rebellious teenage girl
    trapped in a parallel world inhabited by magical creatures. Players
    will meet and develop friendships with an eclectic cast of characters
    by means of a reputation system, which features branching dialogue
    based on player choice. The World Next Door becomes a friendly
    neighbor on Nintendo Switch in early 2019.
  • Levelhead:
    Players that have a head for level building have found a game for
    them. In Levelhead, players can design their own game levels
    using a robust level maker using both touch-screen and traditional
    controls. Subscribing to other people's content allows players to
    create a curated feed of levels they can play. With leaderboards,
    level sharing and couch co-op, the possibilities are endless! With
    cross-platform capabilities, content can be shared with players on all
    platforms that also support Levelhead, including PC, iOS and
    Android. Players can also take control of GR-18, a delivery robot in
    training, through a full-fledged single-player campaign. Levelhead
    launches on Nintendo Switch in November.
  • King
    of the Hat
    : This fast-paced, hat-based party game finds
    players crushing their friends' hats before they crush their own! All in
    , of course. No actual hats were harmed in the making of this
    game. Matches in the game are short and action-packed – perfect for
    playing on the couch or on the go. And thanks to simple two-button
    controls, anyone can pick up and play in local or online multiplayer. King
    of the Hat
    launches on Nintendo Switch in early 2019.
  • Untitled
    Goose Game
    : With a name like Untitled Goose Game,
    what's not to love? In a game that defies all genres, Untitled
    Goose Game
    is part stealth, part sandbox and all goose simulator.
    Play as a goose to take on challenges and cause general goose chaos. Untitled
    Goose Game
    launches on Nintendo Switch in early 2019.

In addition to all these games, the Nindies Showcase video also detailed
a new channel on the Nintendo Switch system that will entirely focus on
indie games. Featuring updates and announcements about indie games, the
Indie Channel is live starting today, and can be found by searching in
"Find Channels" in the handy News app.

Additional indie games that are coming to Nintendo Switch this year
include the following:

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that let adults manage the content their children can
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