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Samsung Licenses MONKEYmedia's Interactive Patents


Independent R&D Lab Expands Licensing Program with Samsung

, the 25-year-old independent R&D lab with a track record of
developing award-winning, user-friendly technology experiences, today
announced that Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (OTC:SSNLF) has become the
newest licensee of its interactive video family of patents. With this
news, Samsung joins Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Sony
(NYSE:SNE) and all the major motion picture studios in having settled
patent disputes over use of the proprietary technologies included in
MONKEYmedia's SeamlessTV Patent Licensing Program.

"Great user experiences require cooperation across disciplines and
coordination between business entities," said Eric Gould Bear,
MONKEYmedia CEO and inventor on over 100 patents and patent
applications. "Negotiating business terms is almost always more
beneficial than continuing litigation and I am pleased we've reached a
peaceful resolution with Samsung that supports our shared focus on

"In circumstances where a plaintiff is an independent inventor or small
R&D operation, spending money on legal battles that could be better
spent on moving innovation forward is particularly wasteful," explains
Gene Quinn, Patent Attorney and Founder of
"Hopefully, this case will demonstrate that fostering synergistic
relationships with nimble innovators who have the ability to streamline
and take risks to move technology in positive directions is a better
utilization of funds."

Following the year-long patent suit against Samsung for infringement of
claims in MONKEYmedia's portfolio of interactive media patents by
Samsung's Blu-ray, Smartphone, Tablet and Smart TV products, users of
the consumer electronics company's products will now be able to take
full advantage of the technology. The inventions, rooted in pre-DVD and
pre-TiVo video experiments from the 1990s, enable viewers to seamlessly
branch out to optional content – such as behind-the-scenes featurettes
and long-form advertisements – without missing any of the main video or
audio stream. The newest patent in the SeamlessTV family of
patents (US 10,051,298) issued earlier this month. Existing partner
licenses are automatically extended to include these newly granted
claims to MONKEYmedia's unique forms of interactive advertising on
set-top and other wireless media players.

MONKEYmedia's SeamlessTV Patent Licensing Program makes
empowering and innovative media experiences accessible to users around
the world. Visit
for more information.


MONKEYmedia is an award-winning, independent R&D lab committed to
user-friendly technology experiences. Its patent portfolio includes
in-house inventions that date back to 1992 and are incorporated into
over 184 million movies distributed on DVD & Blu-ray. MONKEYmedia's
latest innovations use body-based navigation ("BodyNav") techniques to
address motion sickness in virtual reality, augmented reality,
telepresence and drone piloting. Visit
for more information.

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