Market Overview

Origami Risk Launches Comprehensive Compliance Solution for Insurers, Claims Administrators and Large Self-Insureds


Enterprise SaaS risk management software provider expands offerings
to include solution focused on workers' compensation compliance that is
compatible with any claims system

, the industry-leading risk and insurance Software as a Service
(SaaS) technology firm, has launched Origami Compliance, a suite of
solutions that provides adjusters with automated access to forms, rates,
rules, and regulations to streamline their adjudication process. Origami
Compliance solutions are delivered via a web application programming
interface (API) that operates behind the scenes to facilitate a reliable
and secure connection with any claims management system.

Origami Risk has grown to become the preeminent risk and insurance
technology platform serving all members of the risk management community
from insured corporate and public entities, to insurance carriers,
brokers, TPAs and risk consultants. The Origami Compliance solution is
unique from the company's other offerings in that it integrates with any
claims software and provides real-time access to up-to-date forms, laws,
regulations, and rates, helping to ensure compliance requirements are
met. The solution, powered by a comprehensive rules engine, also makes
it possible for adjusters to automatically have access to the most
up-to-date forms, accurate calculations, current rates and up-to-date

The compliance rules engine evaluates claims activity to automatically
fill out the correct document from Origami Compliance's library of over
5,000 forms and letters of correspondence. The solution's indemnity
benefits rules engine further evaluates claims to calculate average
weekly wage (AWW) and indemnity benefits. Furthermore, adjusters can
leverage the system's unique search engine to access more than 9,000
federal and state laws, regulations, and rates.

"Maintaining your own library of state forms is like building your own
power plant—it simply doesn't make good business sense when you could be
better spending your resources on driving results in other areas," said
Bob Petrie, CEO and cofounder of Origami Risk. "Using technology to
optimize workers' compensation compliance allows you to realize real
efficiencies and time savings, providing an instant return on

About Origami Risk

Origami Risk LLC was founded by industry veterans committed to designing
intuitive web-based software that streamlines how risk, insurance and
claims data is collected, analyzed and shared—ultimately helping users
to be more productive and manage the total cost of risk for their
organizations or for their clients. Origami Risk is consistently ranked
by users as the top RMIS provider by users, as well as independent third
parties. To learn more about Origami Risk Compliance, visit,
or contact Origami at

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