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Monarch Medical Technologies Granted U.S. Patent for Approach to Inpatient Insulin Therapy


New patent protects patient-specific methods and systems for safe
subcutaneous and intravenous insulin dosing

Medical Technologies
, the leader in precision insulin dosing for
optimized inpatient glucose management, today announced the U.S. Patent
and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a new patent allowance, "Systems
and Methods for Determining Insulin Therapy for a Patient." The patent
describes the unique methods and systems for more individualized insulin
therapy in the inpatient setting, including accounting for the future
insulin activity for intravenous and subcutaneous insulin therapy.

"This new patent covers aspects of our EndoTool® Glucose Management
System, a Class II FDA-cleared software suite, providing
patient-specific insulin dosing recommendations," said Linda Beneze,
President and CEO of Monarch Medical Technologies. "Within the market,
EndoTool is highly differentiated in its physiological approach to
insulin dosing. We recognize the need to secure our intellectual
property, which provides unique advantages that are best demonstrated in
the improved clinical outcomes and associated cost reductions that our
clients have experienced."

With EndoTool, Monarch has been a leading innovator in developing an
electronic glucose management system for safer insulin dosing in the
inpatient setting. For hospitalized patients with known diabetes or
those experiencing stress-induced hyperglycemia, insulin therapy is
generally required. Studies have shown that proper glucose management
during inpatient treatment reduces morbidity, mortality, and cost of

Using current subcutaneous and intravenous protocols, limitations exist.
They can be time consuming and complex for clinical staff and lack the
ability to take into consideration all of the individual patient
variables, as well as the changes in the narrow insulin therapeutic
window that can occur over time, to achieve and maintain safe glycemic

"The narrow therapeutic window of insulin requirements for each patient
are highly dependent on patient physiological factors and the
pharmacology of the type of insulin. In order to appropriately manage
hyperglycemia, while eliminating the risk of hypoglycemia, these factors
and the future insulin activity must be taken into account when
determining the insulin dose," said EndoTool Founder & Inventor, W.
Patrick Burgess, PhD, MD. "The new patent underlines the uniqueness of
the EndoTool technology, which can adapt the dosing model for each
patient when receiving either intravenous or subcutaneous insulin based
on multiple patient-specific factors and timely and appropriate
adjustments for insulin-on-board, a measurement of future insulin

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About Monarch Medical Technologies

Monarch Medical Technologies is the leading provider of electronic
systems for inpatient glycemic management. Monarch's EndoTool® Glucose
Management System offers personalized dosing recommendations for
intravenous and subcutaneous insulin therapy. As a Class II FDA-cleared,
patented software suite, EndoTool has enabled more than 235 hospitals to
provide unsurpassed patient-specific glycemic control across a broad
population of patients, and ultimately deliver better, safer care. For
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