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Nuvera to Share Key Considerations for Commercializing CAR-TCR Therapies at CAR-TCR Summit


Life Science Consulting
, an expert partner in developing
patient-centric experience strategies for specialty therapeutics, will
share key factors for manufacturers of CAR-TCR therapies to consider as
they prepare for commercialization at the fourth annual CAR-TCR
Summit in Boston Sept. 4-7

In a presentation titled "Ensuring an Exceptional Support Experience
from Clinical Trials to Commercialization
," Nuvera will outline how
to leverage experience gained during the clinical trials phase of
CAR-TCR therapies to enhance commercialization success. Drawing from 12
years of expertise delivering leading patient-centered solutions and 3
years of in-depth work in the emerging CAR-TCR space, Nuvera will
highlight the issues manufacturers face when developing the support
infrastructure for their clinical trial programs.

"The ‘heritage' created during the clinical trial for both the
manufacturer and their clinical trial site is significantly different
for CAR-TCR versus other specialty therapies," said Nuvera Principal
Greg Christianson. "Understanding how to leverage the development of
this heritage is paramount to a successful launch upon approval. We've
worked intimately with existing CAR-TCR therapies to learn the
challenges involved and develop seamless patient/healthcare provider
(HCP) user experiences through a range of strategic and tactical
approaches, including our Treatment Experience Blueprint©."

Using this blueprint, Nuvera mapped out the end-to-end treatment journey
for CAR-TCR and identified the key pain points and "moments that matter"
for patients and HCPs, which informed the development of nontraditional
support activities.

"I'm very excited to share our learnings at the CAR-TCR
to help design successful support programs, which will
enhance the future utilization of this amazing technology for patients
who often have no remaining treatment options," Christianson said.

About Nuvera Life Science Consulting

Nuvera Life Science Consulting helps the world's leading pharmaceutical
and biotech companies deliver impactful patient and HCP support
experiences for specialty and rare-disease therapies. Nuvera excels at
uncovering patient/HCP needs, and crafting and helping execute seamless
treatment experiences that enhance patients' ability to obtain, start,
and stay on therapies. Over the last 12 years, Nuvera has partnered with
a multitude of companies to implement solutions across 24 specialty
therapeutic areas, earning its client partners 10 U.S. and global
excellence awards. To learn more, please visit

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