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Adobe Announces Open Platform for Experience Design With Adobe XD CC


Adobe Adds Integrations with Third-Party Tools Such as Microsoft
Teams; Unveils First Recipients of the $10 Million Fund for Design

Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE) today announced that Adobe XD is opening its
platform to enable users to customize their tools with an ecosystem of
community and partner-built plugins. Leveraging Adobe XD APIs,
developers can now build on top of Adobe XD, adding new features,
automating workflows and connecting XD to the tools and services
designers use every day.

In addition, Adobe XD now tightly integrates with designers' existing
workflows via other popular collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams
(Adobe's preferred
collaboration service
), Slack
and Jira Software Cloud, making it easy for designers to collaborate
with stakeholders across their organizations.

"We are committed to developing a rich ecosystem around Adobe XD to fit
the modern designer's needs," said Scott Belsky, chief product officer
and executive vice president, Creative Cloud at Adobe. "Delivering
seamless, engaging user experiences is imperative for brands, companies
and all digital products, and Adobe is focused on serving designers with
powerful collaboration capabilities."

The open platform will be made publicly available later this year, but
Adobe is already working with early developer partners to build plugins
for XD, including Microsoft,
, Slope,
, Anima
and Google
, along with its own Behance
and Stock

New Third-Party Integrations

To streamline and reduce friction in collaboration, Adobe announced
add-ins for Microsoft Teams, Slack and Jira.

  • Available now, Microsoft
    and Slack
    now both offer richer previews of Creative Cloud assets and
    notifications when comments are made on Adobe XD prototypes.
  • Coming later this year, developers in Jira can easily access
    information on shared Adobe XD prototypes, and design specs,
    streamlining the hand-off process between designers and developers.

These solutions complement a series of integrations Adobe announced
earlier this year, offering friction-free workflows with popular
third-party tools and services such as Dropbox, Sketch, Zeplin, Avocode,
ProtoPie and Sympli.

$10 Million Fund to Empower Creative Innovation

Adobe today also revealed the first recipients of the Adobe
Fund for Design
. Created in May, the $10 million fund, distributed
in the form of grants and equity investments, provides support to
empower designers and developers to innovate in the world of experience
design and create plugins and integrations for Adobe XD. In addition to
financial support, Adobe provides recipients of the fund's investments
with access to industry experts, early access to technology, partnership
and go-to-market opportunities and exposure to Adobe's network of
passionate customers.

Initial grants and investments include individuals and companies
building tools and services on top of Adobe XD to empower designers
around the globe with several expected to be available in the product
later this year.

  • CloudApp
    – Video, webcam, screenshot annotation and GIF creation securely in
    the cloud.
  • Protoio,
    Inc., makers of Overflow
    – Empowers designers to design, present
    and share beautiful user flow diagrams that tell a story.
  • Stark
    – Helps you design and build products that are accessible, ethical and
  • Florian
    , Maker of Ratio – Maker of design tools for user interface
  • Precious
    Design Studio
    – A studio that helps innovators shape meaningful
    products and services that people love to interact with, as well as
    design tools such as Data Populator and Open Color Tools.
  • Odin
    – Tyler Wolf is a data visualization designer building Odin
    Chart, a designer-friendly tool that makes creating charts for digital
    products and publications a breeze.
  • Iconscout
    by Chamestudio – High-quality Icons, Illustrations and stock photos in
    one place.
  • Impekable
    – Digital agency specializing in user experience design and enterprise
    software engineering.
  • UI
    – Avatars for design mockups.
    – The community platform for designers to share their work and stay
    up-to-date with the latest and greatest design tools and news.
  • Modulz
    – A visual code editor for designing and building digital user
    interfaces – without writing code.
  • Design+Code
    – The team behind popular design and code courses and the Angle plugin.
  • Yummygum
    – Creates tasty looking designs and refreshing experiences for web and

Enhancements in Adobe XD

Earlier this month, Adobe also released several new features in Adobe
XD, which streamline designers' workflows and facilitate the
designer-to-developer handoff process to make coordination faster and
simpler than ever before. Marquee new features include the ability to
extract assets in Design Specs, making it more productive and efficient
to work with developers. First released
in November 2017, Design Specs is also no longer in beta and designers
can now mark assets for export and give developers the ability to
extract them in the format they need to be used in their code.

Pricing and Availability

The Starter plan for Adobe XD is available at
This free plan complements additional Adobe XD offerings, including for
individuals, teams and enterprises.

The $9.99 Adobe XD Single App plan gives Creative Cloud members
unlimited shared prototypes and design specs. Additional details on plan
options and pricing for each tier are available on Adobe's

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