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Aperia Unveils New Chrome Cover in Response to Strong Fleet Demand


What Does a Modern-Looking Truck Do for a Fleet? Loads, Say Aperia

Technologies Inc., a leading supplier of tire inflation technologies
that improve the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicle tractors
and trailers, today announced the release of a new chrome
for the Halo Tire Inflator.

"Our drivers take tremendous pride in their trucks, and it's the details
that matter when it comes to recruiting and retaining drivers," said Jon
Andrus, Vice President of Fleet Administration at Doug Andrus. "Every
touch point we have to improve driver retention matters to our company,
and how a truck looks as well as how it operates is a factor in keeping
our drivers on the road."

While the chrome adds personality and practicality to accessorize the
Halo Tire Inflator, it also plays a role in improving business for
fleets, from driver retention to company pride. According to the American
Trucking Association
(ATA), it takes 3.5 million truck drivers to
haul more than 10.5 billion tons of freight across the U.S. annually.
Driver shortages are forcing fleets to be more selective in the loads
they take on, raise wages, and charge customers more to haul their loads.

"Solutions such as lowering driver eligibility requirements, including
age, are being considered to help address the driver shortage, but
including new features that drivers want on trucks is another
opportunity to engage and retain drivers," said Josh Carter, CEO of
Aperia Technologies.

Aperia's Halo Tire Inflator is a robust, easy-to-use solution that
automatically keeps tires from falling below their target pressure
range, allowing fleets to maximize tire life, reduce fuel consumption,
and slash operating costs. The chrome cover snaps into place in seconds
and is retrofittable and compatible with all models of the Halo Tire
Inflation Systems.

Used extensively in heavy-duty trucks since 2015, Aperia's Halo Tire
Inflator is North America's leading automatic tire inflation solution
for tractors and has become the tire inflation solution of choice for
more than 350 fleet customers.

Drivers and fleets interested in purchasing chrome covers can do so online.

About Aperia Technologies, Inc.

Aperia Technologies engineers innovation to make transportation more
efficient, safer, and better for the environment. The company's Halo®
Tire Inflator and related products improve fuel economy and road safety
while reducing tire expenditures, downtime, and maintenance costs for
commercial fleets. Aperia partners with tire manufacturers and fleets to
offer industry-leading technology that gives our partners a competitive
advantage. For more information, visit

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