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Speedpay Now Leverages Artificial Intelligence to Offer an Improved Customer Experience


Beguided's virtual agent offering, Avapay, provides customers with a
customizable, efficient payments experience

, a Western Union subsidiary, announced an alliance with
Beguided, Inc., a technology company that provides enterprise solutions
for increased customer engagement. Through this strategic alliance,
Speedpay has fully integrated Avapay, a proprietary avatar-guided
payment channel, into its platform to offer customers a customizable and
efficient payments experience that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to
power self-service platforms.

"As a pioneer in the payments industry, Speedpay is dedicated to
providing clients with a suite of tools and solutions that simplifies
the billing process, providing an efficient, convenient approach to
making payments," said Frank Lockridge, senior vice president, Western
Union Global Payments and head of Speedpay. "Beguided's virtual agent
offering is a unique solution that enhances overall efficiency by
freeing up time for live representatives to tackle more complicated
customer service issues. By offering this tool, Speedpay provides
billers with another way to better serve their customers and improve
their business processes."

Now available to current or prospective Speedpay customers across all
industries, Beguided's Avapay solution guides customers through the bill
pay process with the help of a customizable virtual agent. The
automated, multi-lingual solution collects customer information and
feedback and processes payments quickly. Avapay is available 24-hours a
day, so customers can pay bills at their convenience.

By leveraging Beguided's Avapay offering, Speedpay clients can improve
their business processes and customer experience by reducing inbound
call center traffic, increasing early-stage collections and reducing
30-60-90 day delinquency.

"Beguided's alliance with Speedpay demonstrates our lasting commitment
to providing customers with tools that make their hectic lives a little
easier," said Mike Mesch, executive sales partner at Beguided.
"Speedpay's industry leadership and deep knowledge of client needs made
this alliance a natural fit."

To learn more about Speedpay's comprehensive electronic bill presentment
and payment solutions, visit

About Speedpay®

Speedpay, a Western Union subsidiary (NYSE:WU), is a pioneer in the
billing and payments industry, driving measurable results for clients
for nearly 30 years. Speedpay provides expert, account-based
consultation to develop bill presentment and payments strategies
tailored to clients' unique needs. From web to mobile, IVR, CSR or
walk-in, Speedpay offers innovative solutions that help simplify the
customer payment experience to ensure customers can pay according to
their preferences, and billers get paid on time. Our configurable
approaches help billers manage billing and payments to maximize ROI,
reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and improve customer
experience and satisfaction. For more information, please visit
or follow us on LinkedIn.

About Beguided, Inc.

Beguided is an IT solutions company focused on solving business problems
with proprietary and externally integrated AI-driven solutions.
Beguided's AVAPay™ payment portal focuses on providing a positive
payment experience online and keeping consumers up to date, negotiating
their payment arrangements, and resolving any questions they may have in
the process. Beguided's Concierge is an intelligent platform for
customer service, Marketing/Sales, and Human Resources. Beguided
platforms integrate with client host systems in order to get exact
information relevant to making service decisions such as: informing
employees about a new process, providing a space for internal groups to
ask questions, providing guidance to consumers, helping consumers
understand a bill and resolving customer service issues. Beguided tools
are designed so they understand the intent of any question presented and
provide answers in an immediate and friendly way. For more information
about Beguided, you can go to:


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