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AWM Smart Shelf Adds Leo Tsourides to Oversee Artificial Intelligence Efforts


AWM Smart Shelf, the social retail interaction firm that is powering the
comprehensive digital retail transformation model, today announced the
collaboration with Leo Tsourides as Head of Science for the
organization. Leo is an Artificial Intelligence expert and Vision
scientist who studied computational and human vision at MIT and later
moved to Caltech to focus on his PhD in Neuromorphic computation. Leo
brings years of experience with numerous publications. Up to date, he
has advised and worked with many companies, including Facebook,
Apple, and Netflix, as well as trading finance companies and the medical
health industry. Leo is directing a team of visionaries comprised of
computer vision and machine learning PhD's and advanced data
scientists that share the common goal of reducing supply chain emissions
and waste by 60% over the next decade.

Kevin Howard, CEO and co-founder of AWM Smart Shelf, stated, "It is with
great pleasure we welcome Leo to the team. His background and experience
will allow the fast-tracking of AWM's vision library and our
Frictionless Shopping application."

Leo Tsourides, Head of Science, said, "I am honored to be leading a team
of talented individuals toward a path of true transformation from the
online internet retail economy to the next generation reality consumer
analytics. We are at a pivotal point in time that will permit the
reduction of waste and resources, help drive costs down, and enhance the
user experience in a way that will allow retail to thrive in the online
and offline worlds of today."

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