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FiberRise and Electric Cooperatives Partner with ADTRAN to Power Up Rural Markets with Gig Services


Growing numbers of utilities leverage ADTRAN solutions and FiberRise
engineering expertise to transform rural communities through broadband

, (NASDAQ:ADTN), the leading provider of next-generation open
networking solutions, announced today that Sequachee
Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC)
, Meriwether
Lewis Electric Cooperative (MLEC)
, North
Alabama Electric Cooperative (NAEC)
and Tombigbee
Electric Cooperative
have selected ADTRAN access solutions and FiberRise
engineering services to deliver Gigabit broadband to their member

Just as their delivery of electricity decades ago transformed lives in
rural communities, these service providers recognize the delivery of
world class broadband as equally vital today. Gigabit service allows
rural communities to participate in today's globally-connected
marketplace—bringing economic growth, access to better educational and
healthcare resources and a host of other opportunities that will change
lives for the better.

"We launched fiber broadband services as a means to improve the lives of
those we serve, and we're realizing everyday how life-changing the
impacts to our community will be in so many ways, including more ability
to attract and retain businesses and improved educational
opportunities," SVEC CEO and President Mike Partin said. "We expect our
partners to have the same servant's heart for our members as we do, and
both FiberRise and ADTRAN are delivering that for us."

FiberRise provides a comprehensive implementation plan to support the
vision of each of these providers, ensuring reach and advanced service
delivery to customers throughout the member communities. Using ADTRAN's
Total Access 5000 Gigabit services architecture, the cooperatives are
establishing long-term, multi-gigabit fiber access solutions built on an
open, scalable architecture that provides the reliability and
flexibility demanded of a modern telecommunications network.

"We pride ourselves on meeting our members' needs through reliable and
affordable access to the essential services to grow the community. By
working with FiberRise and ADTRAN to enhance our network and deliver
fiber broadband, we know we're taking one of the best steps we can for
our members," MLEC President and CEO said Keith Carnahan said. "We're
excited about what the future holds and look forward to all the new
opportunities Gigabit service carries with it."

"We've been implementing fiber in our community for some time now,
having realized long ago that the only way our members would get access
to the highest quality broadband available is for us to deliver
it—working with dependable partners like ADTRAN and FiberRise," NAEC
General Manger Bruce Purdy said. "We know how key fiber broadband is to
the economic development of our community. It's our aim to ensure
affordable access to Gig service for our members that wish to have it."

"ADTRAN provided the ideal technology, while FiberRise brought the
oversight and design we needed to develop and deploy our area's first
Gigabit service offering," Tombigbee President and CEO Steve Foshee
said. "We'll be able to offer dependable, high-quality broadband at a
level equal to any major city and afford our members access to a
critical resource they would not otherwise have in our community."

"Together, these cooperatives are enabling a new future for over 100,000
lives across Alabama and Tennessee," FiberRise CEO Tommy Harmon said.
"Our deployment of utility-grade fiber systems delivers the optimal
foundation to support their communication needs so their networks will
operate at the highest possible up time for everyone they serve. By
partnering with ADTRAN, we can assure our customers of strong, stable
networks that will serve as the foundation for a new wave of growth and

"For electric cooperatives, the community always comes first, and these
utility operators are proof that where there is a will, there is a way
to extend the range and reach of broadband services within any community
in a cost-effective way," ADTRAN Vice President of Regional Service
Provider Sales Brian Efimetz said. "We see the utilities space as a
growing opportunity for our solutions and services and look forward to
continued work with FiberRise in this market."

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FiberRise, LLC enables electric utilities to implement and maintain
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the delivery of broadband services. FiberRise serves electrical
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needed to manage fiber projects from inception to operation. FiberRise
focuses on quality of life by helping to make broadband affordable and
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