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SouthAm Announces Launch of Freeze-Dried Fruit Powder Line


Maqui and Acai are the Crown Jewels of the New Line as Demand Soars

SouthAm, a premiere wholesale seller of freeze-dried superfoods,
announced today the launch of their new line of freeze-dried fruit
powders featuring the maqui berry and acai berry. These powders are one
of the most accessible and efficient ways to eat fruits and vegetables.
They provide consumers all the benefits of the produce, while
significantly decreasing spoilage and maintaining its nutritional

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SouthAm Freeze Dry facilities in Buin, Chile. (Photo: Business Wire)

SouthAm Freeze Dry facilities in Buin, Chile. (Photo: Business Wire)

SouthAm is launching this new line off the heels of their successful
participation in the Institute of Food Technology (IFT) national
conference and trade show. The company showcased its freeze-dried
powders to an ample sector of the food industry in attendance to
demonstrate how these powders can transform and create new ways for
people to consume fruits and vegetables. Acai and maqui were the stars
of the show as demand for these berries continues to skyrocket.

"Acai and maqui are the new superfood sensations and we are proud to
offer the best quality freeze-dried powder on the market today," said
Boris Hirmas, founder and Chairman of SouthAm Freeze Dry.

Freeze-drying is a process that removes the moisture as vapor in a
vacuum, allowing the fruit or vegetable to preserve its structure,
color, flavor and most importantly its nutritional value. Once the
produce is freeze-dried, it is finely milled, creating a rich,
nutrient-dense powder which can be used for baking preparations, acai
and maqui bowls, smoothies, nutrition bars and much more.

"The maqui berry is a millenary gift from our ancestral civilizations,
we harvest it pure from the native forest in Patagonia, and turn it into
a unique purple freeze-dried powder," continued Hirmas. "Without this
process, the maqui berry would still be an incredibly hard crop to bring
to consumers."

All of SouthAm's freeze-dried products are natural, with absolutely no
additives, 100% pure and non-GMO. The company strives to provide the
highest quality and can trace their produce from farm to consumer.

SouthAm's wholesale superfoods can be found in products at thousands of
leading supermarkets and stores across the country and around the world.

About SouthAm:

SouthAm is the leading producer of freeze-dried superfoods which was
founded in 2004. Based in Santiago, Chile, SouthAm has been a pioneer in
the market, fusing creativity and innovation with world-class quality
standards to deliver the most exotic fruits to the world. The company
handles everything from sourcing and manufacturing the freeze-dried
superfoods, to custom tailored product development and branded retail
marketing. SouthAm acai and maqui wholesale powder line is 100% organic,
has no additives whatsoever and is able to trace their produce from farm
to table. For more information, visit

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