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Quantzig's Industry Experts Share Their Predictions on the Retail Marketing Trends Taking Shape in 2018


Quantzig, a global analytics solutions provider, has announced the
completion of their latest article on the retail
marketing trends taking shape in 2018

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Retail Marketing Trends to Supercharge Your Business This Season. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Retail Marketing Trends to Supercharge Your Business This Season. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Soon, shopping is going to be all about long-lasting and remarkable
experiences for customers. Retailers are now depending extremely on
technology, not only to endorse their in-store offerings but also to
efficiently reach out to their potential customers. Also, retail
players now have access to large databases of customer
details. The new retail marketing trends are aimed at leveraging this
data to target customers based on their shopping patterns.

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According to the analytics experts at Quantzig,
"The recent marketing trends in retail are aimed at
leveraging data to target customers based on their shopping patterns."

Retail marketing trends

  • Voice search as a shopping assistant: Google Home, Alexa, and
    Siri, voice assistants such as these are gradually becoming common
    household names and are, therefore, one of the most important
    marketing trends to watch out for this year. These voice assistants
    are now an essential element of the retail marketing strategy of many
    popular brands. For example, in 2017, Monoprix, a leading French
    retail brand joined with Google Home to launch a voice application
    that lets customers make a shopping list by simply speaking to a
    chatbot that suggests products based on the user's buying habits. This
    guarantees a faster path to purchase for customers. Request
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  • Product customization: Product personalization or customization
    is a new trend among customers. They want exclusive products that are
    produced to suit their taste or means something to them. Customization
    is among the prevalent marketing trends that we have on our list this
    season. This retail marketing strategy is a great way to lure the
    customers who place more importance on the experience rather than just
    the physical items or commodities. Get
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    taking shape in 2018.
  • Website and app partnerships: Advancements in technology have
    taken shopping away from just the in-store experiences to digital
    screens. One of the familiar marketing trends we see today is brands
    partnering with apps or websites that are focused on deals,
    promotions, and loyalty. Also, retailers get supreme returns on their
    investments from general deal websites and apps, which deliver a
    comprehensive digital marketing solution and influence brand awareness
    and revenue through a multitude of channels.
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    trends taking shape in 2018

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