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Restaurateurs Reduce Labor Costs by up to Four Percent and Increase Profitability with TouchBistro and 7shifts


TouchBistro and 7shifts announced today that restaurateurs are reporting
a reduction in labor costs of up to four percent by utilizing the tools
provided in the integration of TouchBistro and 7shifts award-winning
restaurant apps. The tools help restaurateurs schedule shift assignments
that achieve the optimum labor to cost ratio when plotted against
predicted sales, thus improving overall profitability.

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TouchBistro is an iPad POS solution designed specifically for the unique
workflows of a restaurant. It includes a full suite of cloud reporting
tools that provide restaurateurs with all the information needed to make
decisions to profitably manage the business, from sales analysis and
upselling tools, to inventory and payroll.

7shifts is an intuitive employee scheduling app for restaurants that
helps managers lower labor costs and overtime expenses, while reducing
the time it takes to create staff schedules from hours each week (when
done manually) to just a few minutes.

"The aggregate reports in TouchBistro enable me to predict sales,
anticipate sales of specific items, and determine production schedules.
Employees clock in and out in TouchBistro on the schedule that I can
rapidly generate in 7shifts and change with just a few keystrokes. From
wherever I am, I can instantly notify everyone of any schedule changes,"
says Thomas Gilbert, general manager of General
Assembly Pizza
. "With the TouchBistro and 7shifts integration, I
have a single interface where I can see sales and labor all merged
together, making it so much easier to manage all the moving parts of the

"Scheduling is one of the biggest parts of running the business," says
Phil Gadd, owner of The
Loaf Bakery
. "It's setting budgets while being realistic about the
service level you want to provide. You have to find the balance between
being profitable and offering amazing service." Gadd reports having
saved four percent in labor costs using the integrated 7shifts and
TouchBistro apps. Before using 7shifts, it used to take him three to
four hours every week to schedule staff – not including the time spent
on schedule revisions; now he spends just 15 minutes.

Labor management used to be all guesstimate for Kristin Butler, co-owner
of Eva's
Original Chimneys
, before she integrated TouchBistro and 7shifts.
It's been almost a year since integrating the apps across all three of
her locations. "With TouchBistro reporting, I can analyze my business
and see what decisions I need to make to increase my sales. With the
7shifts integration, I can put in my labor/cost ratio goals and decrease
my ratio to increase my overall profitability," says Butler. "I would
highly recommend 7shifts and TouchBistro to any restaurateurs out there
who want to increase their profitability and decrease their costs."

TouchBistro and 7shifts offer a 28-day free trial. Additional
information is available at

About TouchBistro
TouchBistro is an iPad POS built for
restaurant people, by restaurant people – with every feature designed to
meet the unique needs and fast pace of the foodservice industry.
TouchBistro has powered over 12,000 restaurants in more than 100
countries and helps restaurateurs run better businesses and makes
managing a restaurant easier. TouchBistro offers in-depth training and
free 24/7 technical support provided by POS specialists who have also
worked in the restaurant industry. With offices in Toronto, New York,
Austin, Chicago, London, and Mexico City, TouchBistro is a global POS
leader and is changing the way restaurateurs worldwide run their
businesses. TouchBistro offers a 28-day free downloadable trial.
Additional information is available at

About 7shifts
Founded in Saskatoon, Canada, in 2014, with
offices in Toronto, 7shifts is the restaurant employee scheduling
solution for more than 175,000 restaurant workers across North America,
Europe, the Middle East and Australia. More than a scheduling platform,
7shifts empowers restaurant managers to optimize their workforce to
better manage employees, resulting in reduced labor costs. 7shifts
offers a 28-day free trial and a no-contract subscription. Additional
information is available at

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