Market Overview

Merit Unveils Merit Market, Lowering the Barrier to Entry for New Crypto Users

  • Merit Market makes it easy for non-miners to purchase Merit and
    reduces reliance on centralized exchanges for access to this
    early-stage coin
  • Merit's mission is to make crypto easy to use for both technical and
    non-technical users. With full functionality built into their
    cross-platform suite of Wallet applications, Merit is expanding the
    reach of cryptocurrencies to new populations
  • Merit Market has an easy, intuitive UI to avoid the complexity and
    confusion many new users face when trying to purchase cryptocurrency

the world's first invite-only cryptocurrency, today announced the launch
of Merit Market, a peer-to-peer, community-validated,
blockchain-verified crypto market that broadens access to an emerging
coin for non-miners.

With a long list of crypto-hacks growing everyday and a reported $4
billion stolen
from exchanges, a new secure model needs to take
hold. Merit Market solves the problem with invite-only user access to
the currency and by ensuring users retain control over their funds as
opposed to holding them as a custodian. This approach thwarts
prospective hackers before they start by ensuring that the Market is not
in control of members' funds.

An intuitive hybrid between a Craigslist-like community exchange and a
financial marketplace, Merit Market is available immediately for
non-tech elite users to interact, buy and sell within a trusted
community. Users also have the convenience of near-instant transactions
through Merit's buy and sell-side escrow.

"Merit is striking down the complicated exchange model that bombards
users with thousands of trading pairs and an intense power-user
interface. More importantly, we're avoiding very real risk and
preserving the tenets of decentralization by NOT acting as the custodian
of our users' funds," said Adil Wali, CEO and Founder of Merit. "By
removing the need for a trusted third-party to hold your cryptocurrency,
Merit enables users to take control of their finances."

The Merit Market currently supports Bitcoin to Merit transactions and
plans to expand support for both crypto and fiat currencies in the
near-term. Supporting credit card transactions is a top priority in
order to continue lowering the barrier to entry for nontechnical users
and support Merit's mission to make crypto accessible to everyone.

"Merit is finally democratizing a process that should have belonged to
everyone to begin with," said Wali.

About Merit

The Merit Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is focused on
increasing the worldwide adoption of digital currency. The organization
was built from the ground up with a priority on simplicity, usability
and security. Merit's cryptocurrency, MRT, is as easy to use as sending
a tweet, and is claimable without wallets. With MRT, Merit is poised to
finally bring cryptocurrency to the masses. An invitation only
blockchain that is community-driven, transparent and highly secure,
Merit grows with its users, and uses an innovative mining model to
reward them accordingly. Merit is headquartered in Seattle and operates
globally. Visit
for more information.

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