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GEICO and BoatUS Remind Boaters Not to Let Safety Float Away During Labor Day Weekend


Since Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest times for being out on the
water, boaters need to remember to stay extra alert when it comes to
safety practices.

The BoatUS Foundation recommends boaters need to do a lot more than just
brush up on boat knowledge, inspect gear and update charts at the
beginning of the season and then forget about it.

Boaters should apply these tips throughout the season:

  • Avoid distractions: With increased traffic on the waterways,
    those at the helm need to maintain a proper lookout. Leave smartphones
    alone, and know when to tune out conversations on board. Ask another
    passenger to assist as a lookout.
  • Gear up on safety: Make sure everyone on board knows where to
    locate safety gear. Show passengers how to properly wear and inflate
    life jackets, depending on what type is on the boat, and keep the life
    jackets easily accessible for everyone.
  • Leave alcohol ashore: Alcohol's impairing effects on
    coordination can put a captain and passengers at risk of falling
    overboard. Operating a boat while drinking also could lead to a
    boating under the influence charge, which carries steep fines.
  • Remember the basics: Crowded waterways mean boaters must know
    their navigation
    . Review how to handle crossing and overtake situations, as
    well as what to do when meeting another boat head-on.
  • Test electronics: After a summer on the water, boat electronics
    can start to wear out. Test equipment like running lights before
    leaving the dock to make sure they will work at sundown.

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