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GE Power Launches New Innovations at CIGRE 2018 Including Revolutionary HVDC Control System


Product launches emphasize commitment to deliver innovative,
software-enabled solutions to help customers navigate the shifting
energy landscape

  • Exciting product innovations to help customers meet evolving
    challenges include eLuminaTM HVDC Control System, 72.5kV
    compact Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS), new "Digital Twin" for Power
    Transformers, Intelligent Digital Substations, Asset Lifecycle
    Management Services and advanced Energy Management System (EMS) with
    full Wide Area Monitoring Systems (WAMS) enhancement
  • New products will help improve grid utilization, increase access to
    renewable energy sources, and improve reliability and efficiency
    throughout the energy value chain for customers and citizens around
    the world
  • Through its Digital Energy portfolio of software solutions and
    services, GE supports the transformation of energy networks

The role of the grid is experiencing a pivotal change. GE Power's Grid
Solutions business (NYSE:GE) today unveiled product innovations at CIGRE
to address customers' needs to adapt to a more digitalized,
decentralized and decarbonized energy landscape.

In the past, a simpler grid model transmitted electricity from large
generation plants to end users. With carbon
dioxide levels
the highest they have ever been in 800,000 years, a
modern grid is key to integrate renewable energy resources effectively
as they are forecasted to represent
of global net electricity by 2050.

"The global energy landscape is undergoing a massive transformation. The
grid of the future will require smarter, faster and more interoperable
solutions to ensure resiliency, efficiency and security. That's why our
Grid Solutions team is focused on investing in and delivering new
digital, automation and HVDC technologies to transform energy networks
across the globe. Our new product innovations will help our customers
not only navigate the ever-changing energy landscape, but also unleash
the full potential of electric grids worldwide," said Reinaldo Garcia,
president and CEO of GE Power's Grid Solutions business.

At this year's CIGRE, GE Power's Grid Solutions business launched the
following new products and services as part of their holistic approach
to grid modernization:

  • eLuminaTM HVDC
    Control System
    : Introducing the industry's first HVDC
    solution to implement a world-class digital measurement system fully
    based on IEC 61850. eLumina delivers a 50 percent smaller footprint
    and 80 percent reduction in field connections that simplifies system
    architectures, improving maintenance and operational efficiency. With
    10 times more computing power, eLumina brings more data to operators
    to enable actionable intelligence through improved analytics and
    situational awareness. This new powerful platform is designed around a
    "single-source-of-truth" system model, enabling a more scalable,
    flexible, interoperable and adaptive HVDC solution.
  • F35
    Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) with 72.5kV
    By 2050,
    66 percent of the world's population will be living in urban
    communities, requiring more power in compact areas. Simultaneously,
    offshore wind is predicted to reach a cumulative capacity of 115 GW by
    2030, and these wind farms are moving into deeper waters that
    require larger turbines with higher power ratings. To address these
    shifts, GE Power's Grid Solutions business has launched a new compact
    F35 Gas-Insulated Substation (GIS) for 72.5 kV networks. With a bay
    volume reduced by 23 percent and a 30 percent reduction in SF6
    mass this new GIS delivers reliable power to urban, industrial and
    windfarm applications. For wind turbines and collection platforms
    specifically, this enhanced design allows the power voltage
    transformer to feed auxiliaries under "no wind" conditions, making it
    the ideal interface for offshore wind applications.
  • Modernizing the Grid through Digital Transformers, Intelligent
    Digital Substations, Asset Lifecycle Management Services and advanced
    EMS with full WAMS enhancement
    : As automation grows across the
    energy industry, digital control systems will play a vital role in the
    machines, grids and systems that deliver energy to the people and
    places that need it most. With these devices in place, the grid of the
    future will be able to recalibrate itself in real-time so that it can
    balance demand and integrate multiple-generation resources reliably.
    From the field to enterprise, GE Power's Grid Solutions business has
    created digitally connected solutions to increase efficiency and
    reliability of the network and it's connected assets, including:
  • "Digital
    Twin" for Power Transformers
    enables effective asset
    performance management to extend asset life and maximize operational
    performance. Advanced sensor technology with a digitalized secondary
    system delivers condition-based data and statistic models to build a
    software-enabled model of the transformer or even the entire
    substation: the twin. This interactive model allows operators to move
    from reactive to predictive maintenance solutions and improve system
  • Intelligent
    Digital Substations
    enable utility operators to maximize asset
    and substation utilization up to 30 percent. Coupling powerful
    visualization tools with the digitization of primary substation
    equipment and secondary systems, operators can collect and analyze
    critical data to proactively detect potential failures up to six
    months in advance.
  • Asset
    Lifecycle Management Services
    include a comprehensive
    portfolio of methods to collect distribution and transmission asset
    health data through a set of proven analytics and consulting services.
    These services are tailored to reduce failure rates by up to 50
    percent, reduce maintenance costs by up to 25 percent and extend asset
    life by up to 20 percent. By incorporating the use of data, these
    end-to-end services optimize grid asset management strategies.
  • Advanced
    EMS with full WAMS enhancement
    provides the situational
    awareness operators need to increase network utilization and stability
    allowing more renewable integration and network automation.

With GE's hundred plus years of domain expertise and the power of
digital integration, GE Power's Grid Solutions business is playing a
critical role in boosting efficiency throughout the energy value chain
across the globe.

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