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Amerigroup Washington Selected to Receive Statewide Medicaid Contracts


Amerigroup will be the first and only Medicaid plan to offer
medical, mental health, substance abuse treatment, administration of
housing and employment services, and dental benefits in every region
across Washington

Amerigroup Washington, a wholly owned subsidiary of Anthem, Inc., has
been selected by the Washington State Health Care Authority to receive
new contracts, which will enable the health plan to provide integrated
clinical care services to Medicaid-eligible residents throughout the
state. The new services, which will start becoming effective on January
1, 2019, include a broad range of care such as medical, mental health,
substance abuse treatment and dental benefits.

Amerigroup has served Washington's Medicaid consumers since 2012, and
has more than 20 years of experience providing innovative,
industry-leading Medicaid services that improve quality of care and
deliver better health outcomes to consumers and communities across the
United States.

"Over the past six years, Amerigroup has built a depth of experience and
understanding of the unique needs of Medicaid consumers in Washington,"
said Craig Smith, President, Amerigroup Washington health plan. "We have
worked diligently to create a better healthcare experience and partner
with the community in providing integrated, person-centered care
solutions as well as in administrating statewide housing and employment
support services. We are honored to have the opportunity to again expand
our reach across the entire state to deliver fresh, new approaches that
will help build a better future for Washington's Medicaid consumers."

In May 2017, the Washington State Health Care Authority awarded
Amerigroup a contract to provide fully integrated managed care for
Medicaid consumers in Chelan, Douglas and Grant regions, which extended
Amerigroup's footprint beyond Washington's North Central Region.
Amerigroup was then awarded a contract to serve as the state's sole
third-party administrator of supportive housing and employment services
for Washington's eligible Medicaid consumers statewide. Most recently,
Amerigroup was selected to receive additional contracts that will expand
Amerigroup's fully integrated health care services to all regions of the
state and add statewide dental benefit coordination to Amerigroup's
services offering.

Amerigroup health plan dental benefits will be administered by
DentaQuest and are expected to begin on Jan. 1, 2019. Also on Jan. 1,
2019, Amerigroup will begin serving Greater Columbia, King, North Sound,
Pierce and Spokane regions as they transition to integrated managed
care. On Jan. 1, 2020, Washington's remaining services areas, which
include Great Rivers, Salish, and Thurston-Mason regions, will
transition to integrated managed care and also be served by Amerigroup.

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About Amerigroup Washington

Amerigroup Washington helps improve health care access and quality for
approximately 150,000 Washington residents by developing innovative care
management programs and services. Members are assured care that is not
only accessible, but also accountable, comprehensive, integrated and
person-centered. Amerigroup Washington provides ongoing community
relations and outreach to encourage members to become active
participants in improving and managing their health. Through access to
health education programs, our members are empowered to choose and
sustain a healthy lifestyle.

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