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Mint Reinvents App Experience, Paving the Way to a Better Money Management Solution


New Features Unlock Powerful MintSights™

Mint, America's most popular
personal finance app with more than 10 million active annual users is
updating its iOS app experience with new design features, added benefits
and exclusive data-driven MintSights™. The refreshed app, from Intuit
Inc. (NASDAQ:INTU), will provide users with a simplified view of what's
important with their money and feature personalized actionable insights.
These MintSights will help users save more, spend smarter and budget
accurately – giving users the confidence they are on top of their money
and on track to meet their long-term financial goals.

The average Mint user with savings has $17 thousand that they could be
investing, equaling $30 billion in missed investment opportunities. Many
of these users are comfortable watching their money grow slowly over
time, and may not realize the investment opportunities they can benefit
from. The new MintSights, can do much of this work for the user by
applying sophisticated models to show exactly how a user can get started
with investing and connect them with one of Mint's trusted partners to
get their best rate possible.

MintSights will crunch a user's numbers to provide a personalized
recommendation, much like a financial advisor. MintSights currently
identify and make recommendations for 10 unique situations, from
creating a first budget to debt consolidation to growing investments.
The MintSights feature will grow with users over time to learn their
patterns of behavior, ultimately helping them save more money, uncover
trends and opportunity areas they may not be aware of, and find
unbeatable offers from Mint's trusted partners.

"We've heard from users for years that they wished for an easier way to
figure out what actions they should take to improve their financial
health. With this refresh, we are leveraging the rich financial data
that users have shared to help create unique financial profiles and
insights for each user," said Varun Krishna, Vice President of Product
Management for Intuit's Consumer Division. "This update will help people
have a healthy relationship with their money, reduce stress and
ultimately, understand how to make smart financial decisions."

This refreshed Mint app is now being rolled out across iPhone and will
be available for Android and web experiences in the coming months.
Current Mint users will continue to enjoy existing features including
budgeting, savings, bill tracking and checking credit scores.

To learn more, visit the MintLife blog
or connect with Mint on Facebook,
Twitter or Instagram.

ABOUT INTUIT: Intuit's mission is to Power Prosperity Around
the World. Its global products and platforms, including
QuickBooks, Mint
Turbo, are
designed to empower consumers, self-employed, and small
businesses to improve their financial lives, finding them more money
with the least amount of work, while giving them complete confidence in
their actions and decisions. Intuit's innovative ecosystem of financial
management solutions serves partners and 46 million customers worldwide,
unleashing the power of many for the prosperity of one. For the latest
news and in-depth information about Intuit and its brands, visit
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