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Endowment for Clean Oceans (ECO) Announces Mr. Pierre-Yves Cousteau Joins ECO's Scientific and Technical Committee


for Clean Oceans
(ECO) announces Mr. Pierre-Yves Cousteau's
membership on ECO's Scientific and Technical Committee, which will judge
$1 million and $5 million prize contests.

Mr. Cousteau, son of the world-renowned Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and
Founder of Cousteau Divers said, "I am excited to be working with ECO to
find deployable and active solutions to the multi-faceted problem of
removing the plastics in the ocean, micro and macro, and to prevent
non-biodegradable plastics from entering our oceans."

"I am pleased to be associated with ECO's global and innovative effort
to use the time-tested method of offering a prize for the best solution
to these vexing problems that are polluting the oceans on a massive,
global scale and are increasingly responsible for the deaths of some of
our most magnificent ocean life."

"It is time to leverage the worlds global intellect to find scalable and
deployable solutions to this problem which, if not dealt with soon, will
have devastating consequences on our planet," concluded Cousteau.

About Endowment for Clean Oceans

Endowment for Clean Oceans is now raising the funds for two
, one which is for a $1 million prize for the best idea or
technology to remove the macro and micro pieces of plastic from the
ocean. The second contest is for $5 million to find a truly
biodegradable and economically viable replacement for the five most
commonly used plastics. Documentaries will be made of both contests so
viewers can see the ideas and technology presented and how and why the
judges picked the winners.

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