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Hunting Highlights Technical Achievements at Offshore Northern Seas Forum


Organic Oil Recovery to Enhance Mature North Sea Fields is Introduced

Hunting PLC, the international energy services company, today announced
that its organic oil recovery initiative along with several other
product innovations will showcase at the Offshore Northern Seas Forum
(ONS) in Stavanger, Norway, on August 27-30.

In making the announcement, Managing Director of Hunting's Europe &
Africa division, Bruce Ferguson, said, "In the UK, we are committed to
the agenda set out by the OGA to ensure maximized economic recovery from
the North Sea, especially from ageing oil-producing assets. This has led
us to add several new production enhancement products and technologies
to our portfolio, some of which we'll present at ONS."

Ferguson added, "For example, our organic oil recovery (OOR)
methodology, which uses indigenous microbes within the reservoir to
reduce the physical size of trapped oil droplets, greatly enhances
production rates at a fraction of the cost of alternate EOR technologies.

"It has achieved a 94% success rate on 48 commercial fields in North
America and the Pacific Rim, recording average oil production increases
within the range of 25% to 700%, and costs per incremental barrel of
under $6 USD."

Other products in Hunting's ONS portfolio, designed to help reduce
operator expenses while improving operational efficiency and
reliability, include:

ControlFire® Cartridge: Allows user to arm perforating gun,
without wires, by inserting the cartridge into the pin end of the gun;
has a 99.99% success rate with nearly two million runs.

Ezi-Shear Seal: Provides a compact, reliable and quick mechanism
for the shearing of slickline, wireline and coiled tubing then fully
closing to establish isolation or sealing of the wellbore.

Ballistic Variball™ System: Enhances the deployment of
perforating gun assemblies in highly deviated wells by reducing friction
between the gun body and the tubing.

Ballistic Release Tool (BRT): Safely and reliably facilitates
electric wireline retrieval without detonating cord, shear screw or
propellant should the assembly become stuck in the wellbore.

H-1® Perforating System: Designed for safe and efficient gun
loading, arming and assembly; loads four times faster than most
perforating guns in the field today, and eliminates shooting wire
entirely and risk associated with wiring error.

T-Set® Setting Tools: Engineered to very tight tolerances, making
the tools the most reliable and efficient on the market today for
setting bridge plugs, packers and cement retainers on wireline and TCP.

For more information on these or other Hunting products, visit ONS Booth
# 2765 at the Stavanger Forum, August 27-30, or go to

About Hunting

Hunting PLC is an international energy services
provider to the world's leading upstream oil and gas companies.
Established in 1874, it is a premium-listed public company traded on the
London Stock Exchange. The Company maintains a corporate office
in Houston and is headquartered in London. As well as the United
Kingdom, the Company has operations in Canada, China, Indonesia, Kenya,
Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa,
United Arab Emirates and the United States of America.

About Offshore Northern Seas (ONS)

Offshore Northern Seas 2018 conference and exhibition is a
biennial event, alternating with Offshore Europe 2017 and Offshore
Northern Seas Norway. Held in Stavanger from August 27-30, 2018, at the
Stavanger Forum, ONS provides a platform for the presentation of the
political, economic and technological issues involving the international
oil and gas industry, as well as showcasing the latest innovations
within the industry.

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