Market Overview

Rhodia Acetow announces price adjustment for Rhodia® Filter Tow


As of September 1st 2018, Rhodia Acetow will adjust the
prices of its Rhodia® Filter Tow. The prices of all Filter Tow grades
will be increased by 1 USD / Kg or its equivalent in local currency.
This adjustment will be effective, as contracts allow, in the following
regions: North America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Rhodia Acetow intends to remain the preferred partner of its customers
by continuing to provide what made Rhodia Acetow's reputation: high
quality products, flexibility in supply chain as well as innovative
product developments and solutions.

About Rhodia Acetow

Headquartered in Freiburg, Rhodia Acetow is a global leader regarding
quality and innovation in the area of cellulose acetate tow for
cigarette filter PRODUCTION. Rhodia Acetow runs production sites in
Germany, Brazil, France, Russia and the USA. With the highest quality
standards and first-class technical customer service, Rhodia Acetow's
goal is to provide its customers with innovative products that enable
them to differentiate themselves in their markets. Based on its
technical know-how and expertise in acetylation, Rhodia Acetow
diversifies its product portfolio into other industries such as
coatings, textiles and agriculture. For more information about Rhodia
Acetow and its product, visit

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