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China ADAS and Autonomous Report 2018: L4 Autonomous Driving Startups, HD Map and V2X for L4 Autonomous Driving -


and Autonomous Driving Industry Chain Report 2018 (VII) - L4 Autonomous
Driving Startups"
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ADAS and Autonomous Driving Industry Chain Report 2018 (VII) - L4
Autonomous Driving Startups at 205 pages in length focuses on
researching L4 autonomous driving startups as well as HD map and V2X for
L4 autonomous driving.

There have long been two camps in the implementation path of automated
driving: Camp A mainly comprised of European and Asian OEMs advocates a
progressive path evolving from L2 and L3 to L4 and L5 step by step; Camp
B represented by Google stands for a radical path going straight to L4
and above.

In 2018, Camp A believes more firmly that L3 cannot be avoided and L2.5
and L2.75 should be derived from between L2 and L3, and L3.5 from
between L3 and L4. To secure the reliability of human and computer
driving together, it becomes an important subject to monitor human

Camp B is more confident as well, as WAYMO sees its market
capitalization climb to USD175 billion and tests tens of thousands of
self-driving cars on roads.

The operational design domain (ODD) of WAYMO self-driving car is
confined to just hundreds of square kilometers for the moment; L2-L3
self-driving cars at Camp A can travel on most roads. So the two camps
will continue to live in peace with each other in the short run.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Overview of L4 Autonomous Driving

2 L4 Autonomous Driving Startups

3 HD Map Industry

4 HD Map-related Companies

5 V2X Industry

6 V2X Companies

Companies Mentioned

  • AImotive
  • AKKA
  • Aurora
  • AutoNavi (
  • Baidu Map
  • Carmera
  • Civil Maps
  • Cohda Wireless
  • Deep Map
  • DeepMotion
  • Dynamic Map Planning
  • GM Cruise
  • Here
  • HoloMatic
  • JingChi
  • KuanDeng Technology
  • Momenta
  • NEBULA Link
  • NavInfo
  • Qianxun SI
  • Savari
  • Sierra Wireless
  • Telit
  • TomTom
  • Ushr
  • Waymo
  • Wuhan KOTEI Big Data Corporation
  • ZMP
  • Zoox
  • lvl 5

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