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Plumbing Manufacturers International CEO Kerry Stackpole Testifies on Adverse Impacts Expected from Latest Section 301 Tariffs


Manufacturers International
(PMI) CEO/Executive Director Kerry
Stackpole testified today before the Office of the United States Trade
Representative (USTR) on the unfavorable and consequential impacts that
Section 301 tariffs of up to 25 percent on $200 billion worth of
products imported from China are expected to have on U.S. plumbing
manufacturers, the economy, and consumers.

Dozens of plumbing-related products and components are included on this
most recent list (known as List 3). The $200 billion list also targets
furniture, cabinets, lighting products, chemicals, plastics, seafood,
and variety of metal components and machinery. If the tariffs are
implemented, PMI expects them to result in significant supply chain
disruptions and increased costs that would have a detrimental impact on
American plumbing manufacturers and their workers, on the construction
sector, and on retailers and consumers, Stackpole testified.

While PMI supports Trump Administration actions to hold China
accountable for their intellectual property violations, Stackpole said
imposing tariffs on a broad range of products coming from China, most of
which have no connection to the identified violations, would simply mean
higher prices for consumers. PMI opposes the imposition of new tariffs
at either 10 or 25 percent. Stackpole's full
is available on the PMI website.

Furthermore, the number of objections to the proposed duties speaks
volumes about the damage that additional tariffs would do. The hearing,
which started on Aug. 20 and is scheduled to run through Aug. 24 and on
Aug. 27, includes more than 350 witnesses from a broad cross-section of
U.S. businesses. More than 1,500 comments have already been submitted to
the docket. Formal written comments on the third list of tariffs are due
Sept. 5.

About Plumbing Manufacturers International

Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI) is the voluntary,
not-for-profit international industry association of manufacturers of
plumbing products, serving as the Voice of the Plumbing Industry. Member
companies produce 90 percent of the United States' plumbing products. As
part of its mission, PMI advocates for plumbing product performance and
innovation contributing to water efficiency and savings, sustainability,
public health and safety, and consumer satisfaction. PMI's members are
industry leaders in producing safe, reliable and innovative
water-efficient plumbing technologies. PMI members manufacture
water-efficient toilets, urinals, faucets, showerheads and other
products at more than 70 locations in 25 states and that are sold in
home improvement stores, hardware stores and showrooms and online. For
more information on PMI, contact the organization at 1750 Tysons Blvd.,
Ste. 1500, McLean, Va., 22102; tel.: 847-481-5500; fax: 847-481-5501.

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