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Warwick & Willow Shakes Up the Office With its New Shared Workspace Candle


Warwick & Willow's inspire candles are politely scented, low throw,
non breakable, clean burning, 100% recyclable, soy cream candles with
uplifting and motivational messages to keep the office inspired and
happy at work

Warwick & Willow, a company focused on bringing candles to the
workplace, today unveiled the Warwick & Willow Inspire Candle, an all
natural, politely-scented candle for shared workspaces that lasts a
standard 40 hour work week.

Key Features of each Warwick & Willow Inspire Candle:

  • Politely Scented
  • Motivational
  • Non Breakable
  • Paraffin Free
  • Eco Friendly
  • 100% Recyclable
  • 40-hour burn time

"The Warwick & Willow Inspire Candle is the result of a combined 20
years working desk jobs at mid-sized businesses. It takes what we love
about candles at home (the ambiance, tranquility, and scent) and
conscientiously adapts them for compatibility in the workplace," says
Lacey Levy, co-founder, Warwick & Willow. "In short, we believe that our
Inspire Candles can improve shared office workspaces."

Warwick & Willow is an ecologically conscientious company and is
committed to sourcing natural materials and ingredients for their candle
products. The wax and emulsifiers used are 100% soy based and the rigid
candle tins and packaging are 100% recyclable.

The Warwick & Willow Inspire Candle is currently available on the
company's online storefront at They also boast a
simple subscription based candle box that automatically sends the
month's trending scent to your workspace for a flat rate of $15 per

The company also has a quirky gimmick. One out of every 100 candles is a
Key Candle. A Key Candle caries a small key charm that will reveal
itself overtime as the candle melts away. Each Key Candle recipient is
able to receive a code for any new workspace candle of their choice.

For more information about Warwick & Willow, visit

About Warwick & Willow

Warwick & Willow is an ecologically conscientious startup company based
out of Newport Beach, Calif. that brings non intrusive candles with
inspirational and motivational messages to workspaces. Warwick &
Willow's goal is to craft candles that make a positive impact
workspaces. Form more information visit

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