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KeepTruckin Expands Shifting Gears Buyout Program to Include Smart Dashcam


Updated buyout program offers fleets affordable option to improve safety
and increase efficiency

the #1 rated electronic logs and fleet management platform, today
announced that new customers participating in its Shifting
buyout program will be offered free KeepTruckin
Smart Dashcams
for a year. Inspired by successful deployments by
early adopters, the addition of the Smart Dashcam offers fleets of all
sizes an affordable plug-and-play solution to improve safety, reduce
risk, and streamline operations.

Working together to form an integrated platform, the KeepTruckin
Electronic Logging Device
(ELD) and Smart Dashcam offer a
tamper-proof solution that provides real-time visibility into events as
they unfolded from the driver's perspective. By expanding its buyout
program to include the Smart Dashcam, KeepTruckin has removed previous
financial barriers for small- to medium-sized fleets looking to deploy a
modern fleet management system that integrates hours of service
compliance and video intelligence in one package. Participating in the
KeepTruckin Shifting Gears program helps fleets cover the cost of
switching to KeepTruckin solutions and addresses the needs of many
fleets and drivers who can't change ELD providers without the risk of
high fees.

"We firmly believe that integrated dash cams are the way forward to
making roads safer," said Shoaib Makani, CEO and co-founder,
KeepTruckin. "The addition of our Smart Dashcam to the buyout program
will make video intelligence more accessible to fleets and is the first
step in seeing safety technologies as standard equipment across the
trucking industry."

Despite passenger vehicles being at fault in 85%
of truck-passenger accidents
, commercial drivers are more likely to
be blamed when cases are litigated. Having undoctored recordings of
critical events, such as hard braking, hard acceleration, or hard
corners, provides fleet managers with transparency into events as they
unfolded. Unlike other standalone, road-facing dash cams that are
connected to vehicles and used by multiple drivers, videos recorded by
the Smart Dashcam are automatically associated to a driver based on ELD
data. By integrating hours of service with video monitoring, fleet
managers are provided the context to clearly understand exactly what
took place.

To learn more about the Shifting Gears buyout program visit the KeepTruckin
. Ready to get your offer? More information about our Shifting
Gears buyout program
that helps fleets easily switch to KeepTruckin
can be found here.
Additional details about the KeepTruckin Smart Dashcam can be found on
the KeepTruckin
and Smart
Dashcam product page

About KeepTruckin

KeepTruckin is on a mission to improve the safety and efficiency of
America's trucking industry by building modern technology products for
truck drivers and fleet managers. The company connects drivers using the
KeepTruckin Electronic
Logging Device
, KeepTruckin Electronic Logbook - the #1 rated electronic
Logbook App for iOS
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and KeepTruckin
Smart Dashcam
. The KeepTruckin suite of products helps fleets audit
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KeepTruckin is trusted by over 50,000 fleets for ELD compliance, IFTA
reporting, GPS tracking, video monitoring and much more. The #1 rating
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