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League of Women Voters of Florida and Florida Chamber of Commerce Endorse Amendment 3


In an indication of growing and diverse support, Amendment 3 has been
endorsed by two of the state's most prestigious organizations – the
League of Women Voters of Florida and the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

Amendment 3 will restore voter control over casino gambling decisions.
Until recently, it was Florida voters, not politicians, who decided
whether or not to approve casino gambling proposals.

Both organizations were cautious in choosing which of the proposed 13
amendments appearing on the November ballot to support, each endorsing
only four.

Amendment 3 was the only endorsement that both organizations agreed on,
and for similar reasons.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce
For nearly a century,
approval of casino gambling was strictly left for voters to decide.
Amendment 3 simply seeks to return to that standard to authorize casino

The League of Women Voters of Florida
Amendment 3 would
strip away the Florida Legislature's authority to pass a law approving
new casino gambling in Florida. Any new casino gambling would require
voter approval of a constitutional amendment proposed only through a
citizen initiative.

"The League and the Chamber may not see eye to eye on everything, but
both understand the need to have voters serve as a check and balance on
critical decisions about casino gambling in Florida," said John
Sowinski, president of Voters in Charge, which is spearheading the
Amendment 3 campaign.

"The diverse coalition in support of Amendment 3 is growing by the day,
and we are proud to have the support of these well-known and
widely-respected organizations," Sowinski said. "Amendment 3 does just
one thing – restores the right of voters to decide the issue of casino

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