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USX Denali Expedition Successfully Obtains High-Altitude Cardiac Data Using Cardiac Insight, Inc. Wearable ECG Sensor, Cardea SOLO™


Sudden Cardiac Death is the Most Common Cause of Non-Traumatic Death
in Men Over Age 34 While Skiing or Hiking at High Altitude

You love the outdoors – but your heart might not. If you enjoy skiing,
hiking and other sports experienced at high altitudes, you might be well
advised to spend your first day at altitude taking it easy. In older
men, especially those unaccustomed to intense physical exertion and with
coronary artery disease (CAD) risk factors, there is a higher risk of
Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) on the first day of exercise at altitude.

This startling statistic encouraged a mountaineering team, comprised of
military members, veterans and a physician, from non-profit organization
U.S. Expeditions and Explorations (USX) and Cardiac Insight, Inc. to
gather more data and help the millions who recreate at high altitudes.

The two companies announced today that the climbing team successfully
scaled North America's highest peak, Denali, in May and gathered
high-altitude cardiac data using Cardiac Insight, Inc.'s Cardea SOLO™, a
wearable, wire-free electrocardiogram (ECG) Sensor and Analysis Software
System for the detection of adult arrhythmias, including atrial
fibrillation (AFib).

SCD is the most common cause of non-traumatic death in men
over 34 while skiing or hiking at high altitude
. Researchers believe
high altitude increases the likelihood of cardiac arrhythmias. Most of
these are benign, however in those with CAD risk factors, arrhythmia
could be related to the increased risk of SCD. However, limited data on
this subject exists, especially with participants ranging above 5,000
meters (16,404 feet). Cardiac Insight, Inc.'s Cardea SOLO wearable
Sensor, which records every heartbeat for up to seven days, provides the
capability to capture high-fidelity data in this challenging environment
in an unobtrusive, comfortable form factor.

"We are pleased to report that because of the durability and ease-of-use
of the Cardea SOLO Sensor and its associated software capabilities, we
were able to easily secure a large amount of data," said David R.
Ohlson, D.O., Director of Research Initiatives for USX, Co-Chief
Resident of Internal Medicine at Bingham Memorial Hospital in Blackfoot,
Idaho, and an accomplished climber and filmmaker. "The continuous nature
of the 28 days of data we captured will help provide new insights into
how frequently abnormal heart rhythms occur in healthy individuals at
high altitude and give us a model for larger studies in the future."

"Cardea SOLO's participation in USX's Denali expedition is helping to
provide valuable insight into a significant health risk and the heart's
performance related to the impact of sports and activities at high
altitudes. This could never be accomplished — until now. The research
data retrieved by USX using Cardea SOLO on Denali will contribute to the
current body of knowledge and future study design," said Brad Harlow,
Chief Executive Officer of Cardiac Insight, Inc.

The Cardea SOLO ECG System is receiving strong interest from cardiac
researchers, as it records, stores and analyzes every heartbeat. The
latest version of Cardea SOLO Software also features batch file analysis
capabilities. Researchers own and control all their data, and study
participant compliance with Cardea SOLO wear time of up to seven days
has been reported as excellent.

About Cardiac Insight, Inc.

Cardiac Insight, Inc. (
is a leading U.S. developer of advanced body-worn digital health care
information systems through its proprietary software, algorithms and
devices. The company's two flagship products are its wearable ECG Sensor
and Analysis Software System, Cardea SOLO™ (
and Cardea 20/20 ECG™, the only 12-lead test that incorporates the
International Criteria for identification of the risk of Sudden Cardiac
Arrest in young athletes. Founded in 2008, Cardiac Insight, Inc. is an
ISO-certified company and is based in Kirkland, Washington, USA.

About U.S. Expeditions and Explorations (USX)

U.S. Expeditions and Explorations (
is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that enables the military and
veteran communities to impact STEM fields by conducting adventurous,
scientific research across the globe. Based in Hinesville, Georgia, USX
was founded in 2015 and is operated by military members and veterans.
USX's expeditions have contributed to research in ultrasonography (Mount
Everest, 2016) and high altitude cardiology (Denali, 2018).

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