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Oregon Community Hospital Returns to CPSI Family of Companies for Complete In-Patient EHR Solution


Santiam Hospital Set to Go Live on Centriq in September

CPSI (NASDAQ:CPSI), a community healthcare solutions company, today
announced that Santiam Hospital, a 40-bed acute care hospital located in
Stayton, Oregon, has made the decision to return to the CPSI family of
companies for their in-patient electronic health record (EHR) solution.

Santiam Hospital had been a long-standing Healthland client on their
legacy system, Classic. While the team from Santiam Hospital had been
very happy with their partnership, they needed to upgrade to a newer EHR
system that better connected the clinic and hospital. As part of that
decision, they explored additional options for comparison purposes.
After a competitive search process, Santiam Hospital leadership chose a
solution from a different vendor that came with several promises
regarding the enhancement of their in-patient solution. However, nearly
six months after they had gone live with their ambulatory solution, the
progress they were expecting with the new in-patient solution did not
come to fruition.

"There were many areas of concern from our perspective that were never
realized once the clinic implementation began," said Maggie Hudson,
chief financial officer and chief operating officer of Santiam Hospital.
"Our vision to serve as the healthcare provider at the center of our
community needed to be supported by a fully working and proven solution
in both the clinic and hospital settings. Our providers were pleased
with the clinic solution, but considering the gaps within the hospital
system, we simply couldn't take the chance. By the end of 2017, we were
not convinced that all the needed changes were coming, which would have
adversely affected our future plans. In addition, we intend to attest
for Meaningful Use in 2018, and we need to be certain we are set up to
be successful."

With that in mind, Santiam Hospital made the decision to change course
and upgrade to the Centriq solution in their hospital and emergency
department. Centriq is a complete EHR solution now offered by the CPSI
family of companies, following the acquisition of Healthland in 2016.

"Knowing that CPSI is committed to continued support and investment in
the Centriq solution was a major factor in our decision," said Hudson.
"This promise made our decision to return to the CPSI family of
companies an easy one."

The hospital, which has a rich history in the Willamette Valley,
appreciates that the CPSI family of companies serves over 1,000 similar
community facilities and is willing to take the steps necessary to
ensure their success. Santiam expects to be live on Centriq in
September, which will help the hospital successfully complete Meaningful
Use 2018 attestation.

"We welcome Santiam Hospital back to our family of companies," said Boyd
Douglas, president and chief executive officer of CPSI. "As their
partner, we will continue to support their mission to be the healthcare
provider at the center of their community. What the providers from
Santiam Hospital do every day is vitally important to the people they
serve, and we want to ensure their success today and well into the
future. We remain committed to offering the best healthcare solutions
and support for small, rural communities like Stayton, Oregon."

About CPSI

CPSI is a leading provider of healthcare solutions and services for
community hospitals, their clinics and post-acute care facilities.
Founded in 1979, CPSI is the parent of three companies – Evident, LLC,
TruBridge, LLC and American HealthTech, Inc. Our combined companies are
focused on helping improve the health of the communities we serve,
connecting communities for a better patient care experience, and
improving the financial operations of our customers. Evident provides
comprehensive EHR solutions for community hospitals and their affiliated
clinics. American HealthTech is one of the nation's largest providers of
EHR solutions and services for post-acute care facilities. TruBridge
focuses on providing business, consulting and managed IT services, along
with its complete RCM solution for all care settings. For more
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