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PMI Takes Smoke-Free Call to Creative Communities Truly Global at Middle East and Africa's Premier Gathering


Philip Morris International Inc. ("PMI") (NYSE:PM) is taking its call
to the creative, media and communications communities to go smoke-free
to the Middle East and Africa. We started our push at the Cannes
Festival of Creativity, where we asked creative agencies to join PMI in
making the world smoke-free. We are continuing our efforts to find
partners with a presence at the Middle East and Africa's biggest
gathering of creative agencies, the Loeries
Creative Week

Our lounge at the event is an interactive educational area raising
awareness on the role that science, innovation, and technology can play
for people who smoke, and informing on PMI's efforts to replace
cigarettes with less harmful alternatives.

To date, a number of agencies have signed up, including the first group
in Africa, Publicis Groupe Africa. We are asking creative agencies from
the Middle East and Africa to join their peers in going smoke-free. To
help them understand our commitment, PMI will provide education on the
fact that quitting tobacco and nicotine remains the best option for
those who smoke, but that for those smokers who would continue, a range
of smoke-free alternatives now exist.

Senior Vice President Global Communications Marian Salzman said, "There
is a large opportunity in the Middle East and Africa to leverage
innovation and science for those who smoke and the people around them.
We're asking the creative community based in the region and elsewhere to
join us in raising awareness around this important initiative."

Drago Azinovic, President of Middle East, Africa, and Duty Free, said,
"Our vision for the world and for the Middle East and Africa is for all
people who would otherwise continue to smoke to switch instead to less
harmful alternatives. Joining forces with the creative community in the
region can help make this important objective happen faster."

Publicis Groupe Africa is the first agency in the region to support
PMI's global initiative. Its CEO John Dixon said: "We are proud to be
the first agency network in Africa to undertake a commitment for a
smoke-free future and are aligned with PMI's bold ambition of a
smoke-free world. Our 14 agencies across two regions will support the

Agencies that are interested in taking on the challenge can contact
Marian Salzman at

Philip Morris International: Who We Are
We are a leading
international tobacco company engaged in the manufacture and sale of
cigarettes and other nicotine-containing products in markets outside the
United States of America. We're building our future on smoke-free
products that are a much better consumer choice than continuing to smoke
cigarettes. Through multidisciplinary capabilities in product
development, state-of-the-art facilities and scientific substantiation,
we aim to ensure that our smoke-free products meet adult consumer
preferences and rigorous regulatory requirements. Our vision is that
these products ultimately replace cigarettes to the benefit of adult
smokers, society, our company and our shareholders. For more
information, see and

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