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AdTheorent Announces Relationship Targeting for Advertisers


New Product Offering Leverages Real-World Relationships to Influence
Consumers, Strengthen Brand Messaging and Drive Purchase Consideration

., a machine learning platform for advertising, today announced
its newest product offering for advertisers: AdTheorent Relationship
Targeting. This targeting approach taps the power of human relationships
to influence core consumer behavior and drive desired actions,
delivering superior results for advertisers.

Brand recommendations from family, co-habitants and friends are
overwhelmingly influential throughout the consumer journey. Twenty to
fifty percent of all purchasing decisions are influenced by word of mouth*
and brands see a 200% lift in sales through marketing-induced
consumer-to-consumer word of mouth. Additionally, a brand recommendation
from a trusted friend is 50 times more likely to trigger a purchase.
AdTheorent's Relationship Targeting enables advertisers to harness the
power of relationships -- specifically, family, cohabitants or friends
of the core customer/target -- to influence the target consumer's
behavior toward the advertiser's desired action or KPI. Initial campaign
results indicate a strong positive correlation between the number of
influencers reached and the response rate from the target audience.

How It Works

A core audience is defined through a variety of avenues depending on the
advertiser, such as CRM data, location data, site pixel data, or
purchase data. After the core audience is defined, AdTheorent's
Relationship Targeting algorithms leverage user device location patterns
to identify groups of real-world consumer relationships. Additionally,
AdTheorent's Cross-Environment Map, which consists of more than 740MM
unique device ID's mapped to over 92MM US households, enables AdTheorent
to identify core audience connections of family members, co-habitants
and friends. AdTheorent's Relationship Graph maps these connections and
consists of 1.3 trillion graphed connections, an average of 14
connections per person.

A Real-life Success Story: Tapping the Power of Relationships for
a Large Automotive Client

Client Objective

A large automotive client sought to build purchase consideration among
in-market shoppers for a newly-launched vehicle. The brand partnered
with AdTheorent to use advanced machine learning targeting tactics to
drive in-market shopping actions on the brand website.

Campaign Background

An in-market auto shopper will receive auto advertisements from many
auto brands based on their browsing behavior. While this is a viable
tactic for advertisers, AdTheorent's machine learning models have
learned that brand recommendations from family, co-habitants and friends
are extremely influential. As a compliment to reaching the in-market
auto shopper, reaching real-world connections (friends, family,
cohabitants) of the core consumer, can influence the core consumer's
purchase decisions. AdTheorent's Relationship Targeting leverages human
relationships to influence core consumer behavior and drive results for

AdTheorent Solution

AdTheorent closely partnered with the automotive client and leveraged
online and offline auto purchase-intent data and geo signals to find
in-market automotive shoppers. Once the core audience was identified,
the automotive brand then activated AdTheorent's Relationship Graph.
With in-market auto shoppers being targeted with advertisements from a
dozen automotive manufacturers every day, AdTheorent instead mapped
real-world human connections to target the friends and family of
in-market shoppers with additional consideration messaging, with the
goal of influencing the core audience through influential relationships.

Campaign Results

Campaign performance exceeded all previous benchmarks with regards to ad
engagement, conversion rate, purchase consideration and dealer
visitation. Relationship Targeting demonstrated that with a larger
influence from friends and family, engagement rate performance improved
and more users advanced within the purchase funnel. Conversion rates for
in-market individuals who had 6+ connections who were also served
advertisements outperformed the conversion rates for in-market shoppers
with only one connection who had been served an ad by over 33%.
Furthermore, AdTheorent proved that by utilizing this new technology,
advertisers now have the ability to influence real-world word-of-mouth
conversations in a very meaningful way.

"AdTheorent's Cross-Environment Map is uniquely able to map devices to
physical location, which allows us to identify and reach family members
and co-habitants," stated Matthew Groner, SVP of Product Management and
Business Intelligence at AdTheorent. "AdTheorent's Relationship
Targeting is an exciting opportunity for advertisers to leverage group
influence through real-world relationships to further drive results for
their brand."

About AdTheorent®

AdTheorent is a machine learning-powered predictive advertising company,
utilizing machine learning and advanced analytics to connect advertisers
with their optimal audiences, at scale. AdTheorent's Data Science team
leverages an award-winning machine learning platform connected to a
Cross-Environment Map consisting of 740MM devices across 92MM US
households. AdTheorent's platform combines millions of data attributes
into custom models to drive campaign results, far outperforming industry
standards, to predict and identify users most likely to engage with an
advertiser's message. AdTheorent's Studio A\T creative organization
helps advertisers develop the most effective creative assets, content
and technology solutions to engage with audiences. For more information,
please visit

*Source: McKinsey & Company, "A New Way to Measure Word of Mouth
Marketing," April, 2010

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