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Reality Shares Becomes Blockforce Capital to Transform Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Investing


Synergizes ETF business with new cryptocurrency investment platform
and blockchain-focused hedge fund unit

Building upon its foothold as a first-mover in the blockchain arena,
Reality Shares today expanded to become Blockforce
to reflect its broader focus of delivering unparalleled
access to blockchain and cryptocurrency investments. Blockforce Capital
will be comprised of three core business units: Reality Shares ETFs and
Indexes, the Blockforce Capital family of hedge funds and the highly
anticipated cryptocurrency investment platform, Onramp.

Pioneering the firm expansion is a diverse set of professionals who are
experts in the fields of finance, theoretical physics and computational
astrophysics, as well as an advisory board armed with the most highly
regarded leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets. The
board's collective expertise was instrumental in Reality
debut of the world's first blockchain ecosystem ETF and
first China-specific blockchain ETF. Reality Shares, which originally
launched in 2012, also offers a family of dividend growth ETFs, and was
selected "Most Innovative Index Provider" by the 2017 Fund Action ETF
Innovation Awards.

"Since inception, our firm has pushed the innovative envelope of the ETF
business to offer investors access to some of the most dynamic areas of
the market," said Eric Ervin, CEO of Blockforce Capital. "That same
disruptive spirit has inspired an unyielding determination to find
opportunity in digital assets, and to not only expand, but reimagine our
firm vision to offer investors streamlined access across the risk
spectrum – from ETFs to cryptocurrency portfolios to hedge funds."

Earlier this year, Ervin's team established its first venture fund to
make initial investments in opportunistic, private market deals in the
blockchain arena. This fund, to be renamed Blockforce Fund One L.P., was
one of the few funds granted access to one of the largest blockchain
venture investments this year. A second venture fund, Blockforce Fund II
Multi-Strategy, will be built to deliver alpha utilizing the firm's
proprietary Alpha Predator™ system. That fund will focus on three key
areas: venture investments, exchange arbitrage and bi-directional
trading. Blockforce has retained Stonegate Global Fund Services, a
leader in global blockchain technology and cryptocurrency fund
structuring, for hedge fund formation and administration. Blockforce
Capital's Private Funds arm is designed exclusively for accredited and
institutional investors and will open for outside investment in the
fourth quarter of 2018.

Lastly, Blockforce Capital is developing Onramp,
a cutting-edge platform that will offer investors simplified access to
cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. It will be the first mobile
app to offer one-tap investing in a portfolio of cryptocurrencies, the
ability to automatically grow investments with purchase round-ups and a
wide array of thematic investment baskets for specific blockchain
sectors. A planned enterprise version of Onramp will also allow
institutional partners to offer a turnkey cryptocurrency investment
option to their existing customers. Onramp is currently in its
incubation phase, and set to launch this fall.

"As a blockchain and cryptocurrency leader, creating Blockforce Capital
was a natural progression for us," said Ervin. "Distributed ledger
technology has the potential to rival the impact of the internet by
affecting everything from massive business transactions to everyday
life. Our job is to help investors capitalize on the diverse set of
opportunities presented by blockchain and cryptocurrency, and our new
positioning as Blockforce Capital enables us to do just that."

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About Blockforce Capital

Blockforce Capital is a U.S.-based financial technology firm that offers
innovative products in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry
through an array of proprietary public and private investment vehicles
and platforms. The Blockforce team is comprised of data scientists,
computer engineers, computational astrophysicists, and Wall Street
veterans. For more information, visit

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