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Invaluable and Artmyn Form Partnership to Improve Buyer Experience and Increase Art Market Transparency and Buyer Confidence


Artmyn Scanners give auction houses unique way to promote sales while
capturing "DNA" of artwork to enhance authentication and security

Invaluable, the world's leading online marketplace for fine art,
antiques and collectibles, and Artmyn, a Swiss company revolutionizing
how art is experienced, promoted and secured online, today announced an
exclusive partnership aimed at improving the buying experience and
increasing transparency and buyer confidence in the art market.

Under the partnership agreement, Invaluable will offer auction houses
that are exclusively on its marketplace free access to Artmyn's scanning

Artmyn's technology scans artworks and captures tens of thousands of
photographs with different light sources and spectrums, including UV
lights. The process generates a 5D interactive file and a short
immersive video containing more than 1.5 billion pixels - offering
owners, auction houses, consignors and buyers unparalleled views and
feelings of texture for each scanned artwork.

This video
of two oil paintings is an example of what viewers will see.

"This allows you to ‘touch them with your eyes' and experience and
interact with a digital twin of the artwork as if the original was in
your own hands," said Artmyn co-founder and CEO Alexandre Catsicas.

The scanning process also reveals the signature elements of an artwork,
such as texture, properties of color and levels of reflection, said
Catsicas. "This process safely captures specific features – the ‘DNA' of
the artwork – and then generates digital fingerprints that allow owners
and interested buyers to monitor the condition of artworks over time.
Scanned artworks will now become unfalsifiable," he added.

Invaluable CEO Rob Weisberg said, "This is an incredible opportunity for
our auction house partners to promote their sales in a unique way while
also digitally preserving the ‘DNA' of artwork - ensuring the
authenticity and traceability of the pieces. We believe this will
dramatically increase transparency and buyer confidence in the art

"It also revolutionizes the way art can be experienced online," he
added. "These images will be posted on Invaluable to provide collectors
with a new, incredibly detailed immersive experience. All the scanned
pieces will be offered for sale exclusively on our global marketplace."

Among the Artmyn benefits:

  • Dramatically Enhanced Authentication – The captured "DNA" of an
    artwork contributes to the authentication of the piece going forward,
    increasing buyer confidence and protecting owners and collectors from
    potential forgeries.
  • Unprecedented transparency – The first-ever Biometric
    , an individualized, highly-secured digital document, will
    remains with the artwork over its lifetime, giving owners and
    collectors unprecedented transparency and assurance.
  • Increased security and insurance protection - Any damage or
    modification to the artwork after the first scan will automatically be
    detected during subsequent scans – a major advantage for security and
    insurance purposes.
  • Personalized digital experience – Collectors can promote,
    magnify and share their art collections like never before by creating
    highly secure personalized and interactive videos with audio
    commentary that will vividly tell the stories of their artwork.
    Invaluable's auction house partners and their consignors will benefit
    from heightened online engagement with the objects offered for

To highlight the scanning technology and mark the partnership, a rare
Apple-1 computer, the first computer built and sold by Steve Jobs and
Steve "Woz" Wozniak at the then-fledgling Apple Computer Company in
1976, will be scanned at Invaluable on Sept. 5th at 11 a.m.
Here is a video
of a sample scan
of the Apple-1. A live demonstration of the unit,
which has been certified as fully operational, will also be held. RR
Auction Auction will offer it for sale on Invaluable on Sept. 25.

Two hundred original units were made, with an asking price of $666.66.
Roughly 65 units remain, and they have achieved cult status. The current
record price for an Apple-1 is $815,000, achieved in 2016.

"This is an incredible piece of history that captures, literally, the
first moments of the personal computing explosion that has changed all
our lives," said Bobby Livingston from RR Auction. "The Apple-1 is rare
and iconic and now we'll get to examine it in a way that's never been
possible thanks to this groundbreaking technology. This is a wonderful
moment about the earliest days at Apple Computer."

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About Invaluable
Invaluable is
the world's leading online marketplace for buying fine art, antiques and
collectibles. Working with more than 5,000 of the world's premier
auction houses, dealers and galleries, Invaluable helps buyers from
nearly 200 countries connect with the things they love. With
best-in-class online bidding technology, along with a fixed-price retail
platform, Invaluable provides sellers with e-commerce and marketing
solutions, as well as auction management software. Recently called "one
of the fastest growing e-commerce sites in the art world" by Blouin
ArtInfo, Invaluable has also been recognized by Deloitte's Technology
Fast 500™ and the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® program in both 2015 and
2016. Headquartered in Boston, Invaluable also has offices in the United
Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium and Australia. For more information,
visit or
follow us on Twitter at @InvaluableLive.

About Artmyn
Born at the Swiss
Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, ARTMYN
develops sophisticated technological tools that revolutionize the way
Art is experienced, promoted and secured on screen. Thanks to its new
generation of scanners and algorithms, Artmyn's technology extracts the
unique features of an artwork - its "DNA" – under different light
sources, including ultra-violet light. This proprietary technology
generates interactive 5D images and movies accessible from any mobile
device, as well as unfalsifiable digital fingerprints. When acquiring
these features unique to each artwork, a first scan will create a
fingerprint allowing for any damage or modification to be automatically
detected during subsequent scans, hence easing the authentication
process. Headquartered in Lausanne, Artmyn also provides a scanning
center under free-trade zone at the Geneva Freeport in Switzerland. For
more information, visit
and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @artmyn.official.

About RR Auction
in Boston's North End, RR Auction is a globally recognized and trusted
source for rare documents, manuscripts, autographs and historic
artifacts. Since its inception in 1980, RR has achieved countless
record-setting prices in over 425 successful sales, including Truman
Capote's hand-notated manuscript for Breakfast
at Tiffany's
 for over $300,000, President
Kennedy's 1963 convertible
 for $318,000, and a pair of Bonnie and
Clyde's guns for over $500,000. Internationally known and frequently
featured in all media outlets—with appearances on NBC's Today Show, CBS
This Morning, Fox News, the New York Times Sunday Magazine, and the
London Times—RR Auction prides itself on selling authentic material,
thoroughly examined by in-house experts and third-party authenticators,
to uphold the guarantee of authenticity. With a stunning full-color
print catalog and a massive online presence, RR Auction's nearly four
decades of business continue to grow, achieving record prices for
clients around the world.

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