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Bonti Announces Presentation Featuring EB-001A at Masters of Aesthetics Symposium


Dr. Jean Carruthers to Highlight Key Aesthetic Clinical Study Results
for This Novel Neurotoxin with a Unique Clinical Profile

Bonti, a privately-held, clinical-stage biotechnology company, today
announced a presentation featuring Phase 2a clinical results for its
aesthetic product, EB-001A, at the 5th Annual Masters of
Aesthetics Symposium on Friday, August 24th in San Diego, CA.
Dr. Jean Carruthers, a globally-recognized cosmetic surgery expert who
pioneered the cosmetic use of neurotoxins, will highlight topline
results of Bonti's aesthetic glabellar (frown) lines clinical trial and
of SHINE-1, the first clinical trial in its SHINE (Scar
Healing Improvement
with Neurotoxin E)
clinical program aimed at scar reduction. Dr. Carruthers will spotlight
how these Phase 2a trials confirmed a favorable safety profile and
suggested promising and differentiated clinical benefits.

EB-001, the active ingredient in EB-001A, is a novel botulinum
neurotoxin serotype E (BoNT/E) with a unique clinical profile,
characterized by a faster onset of action (within 24 hours) and a
shorter duration of activity (2 to 4 weeks) compared to botulinum
neurotoxin serotype A (BoNT/A) products. Considering the potential
advantages of this profile, Bonti continues developing its product
candidates EB-001A and EB-001T, for targeted aesthetic and therapeutic
indications, respectively, in areas of unmet need with significant
addressable market opportunities.

"We're enthused and grateful Dr. Carruthers will be discussing the
findings from the EB-001A clinical studies as part of her presentation
at this exclusive conference," remarked Fauad Hasan, CEO and co-founder
at Bonti. "The audience will get to see exciting fast-onset results from
our glabellar (frown) lines study and our recent SHINE-1 data, which
suggest that EB-001A also has the potential to expedite the healing
process and help physicians repair and improve outcomes of ‘cosmetically
sensitive' wounds."

"As I've commented previously, the prospect of having EB-001A as a new
injectable in our aesthetic toolbox for potential applications such as
glabellar (frown) lines and scar reduction has a lot of value," added
Dr. Jean Carruthers, a Bonti Medical Advisor. "Bonti continues making
expeditious progress in advancing the development of this unique
neurotoxin and I remain hopeful it may be a new option to help produce
improved patient outcomes for standout and additive botulinum neurotoxin
uses in the future."

SHINE Clinical Program

The SHINE (Scar Healing
Improvement with Neurotoxin
E) clinical program's main objective
is to support Bonti's strategy to expand EB-001A's potential aesthetic
indications. This requires conducting multiple clinical trials, starting
with the Phase 2a study, SHINE-1, in the Mohs surgery in the forehead

About EB-001

Bonti is developing a first-in-class pipeline of proprietary product
candidates based on EB-001, which is derived from botulinum
neurotoxin serotype E (BoNT/E). BoNT/E has a validated mechanism of
action similar to that of currently approved products derived from
BoNT/A, but, based on preclinical and clinical data, BoNT/E has a faster
onset of action (within 24 hours) and a shorter duration of activity (2
to 4 weeks) compared to BoNT/A products, which have an onset of action
of approximately 3 to 7 days and a duration of activity of approximately
3 to 4 months. Based on this differentiated clinical profile, Bonti's
aesthetic product candidate, EB-001A, is being initially developed for
glabellar frown lines and for scar reduction following Mohs surgery and
Bonti's therapeutic product candidate, EB-001T, is being developed for
the treatment of focal muscle pain.

About Bonti

Bonti, based in Newport Beach, CA, is an innovative clinical-stage
biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization
of novel, fast-acting neurotoxin products for aesthetic and therapeutic
applications. The company was founded and is led by executives with
extensive experience obtained at Allergan plc with botulinum neurotoxin
products from discovery, clinical, supply chain, regulatory and
commercialization perspectives. By turning the science of neurotoxins
into beneficial patient and healthcare provider solutions, Bonti seeks
to improve lives by successfully addressing key unmet needs in markets
with significant addressable opportunities.

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