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Bibby Financial Services to Partner with Precision Global Consulting to Provide Staffing and Payroll Funding Solutions Along with Back Office Services


Financial Services North America
(BFS) provides working capital and
customized funding solutions to businesses across various industries,
including staffing
and recruitment. In an effort to help clients alleviate the most common
burdens of running a staffing services company, which include
time-consuming administrative/back office tasks and lack of sustainable
business funding, this month has BFS announced an affiliation with Precision
Global Consulting
(PGC) to provide a complete recruitment finance
and payroll funding solution for staffing companies. With headquarters
in New York and a presence in London, San Francisco and Toronto, PGC has
been helping agencies to place talent across the US and Canada
compliantly for more than 15 years. Last year alone they made over 1,200

"This partnership will allow BFS to provide customized recruitment
finance and payroll funding solutions while PGC provides back-office
support for staffing companies,"
said Daniel Rodrigue, EVP, National
Head of Sales at Bibby Financial Services US. "Our partnered
solutions support staffing companies with reliable assistance that
adapts to their business, removing the hassle of not having adequate
funding and the risks associated with keeping staffing workers insured,
verified and ready to work."

PGC's offered services will include payroll, expense management,
applicable federal, city and state taxes, IRS reporting, onboarding and
employment verification, access to insurance and employee benefits,
compliance and more. Services offered by PGC will ensure that staffing
companies have the ability to make payroll, the time to recruit talent
and the capital to invest in technology and staff skill up. BFS provides
the staffing finance options through factoring of accounts receivables
with up to a 92% advance rate. To learn more about these offerings and
how they can benefit your company, contact Bibby
Financial Services

About Bibby Financial Services

Bibby Financial Services is a leading independent financial services
partner to more than 10,250 businesses, providing more than $1.25
billion in funding annually and handling $11.6 billion in annual client
turnover. With over 40 operations in 14 countries spanning 3 continents,
we provide asset-based lending and factoring solutions to help
businesses grow in domestic and international markets. Established in
2001, Bibby Financial Services supports businesses in virtually any
industry. BFS is part of Bibby Line Group, a diverse and forward-looking
family business with over 200 years' experience of providing personal,
responsive and flexible customer solutions. To find out more about Bibby
USA and Bibby Canada, please visit

About Precision Global Consulting

PGC is a Workforce Management Platform that employs workers on our
clients' behalf in the US and Canada. With 17 years' experience in the
industry, we are skilled at providing staffing agencies a compliant,
cost-effective scalable solution for their back office needs. Our
solutions enable you to place a worker in any state and they come under
PGC's registrations, insurances, workers compensation and we manage all
the onboarding, compliance, payroll remittance, benefits and
state-specific requirements. Our solutions are supported by our
proprietary technology, Precision™ which includes features such as
onboarding, timesheets and data and analytics.

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