Market Overview

ADTRAN Mosaic™ Cloud Platform Helps Operators Migrate to Modern, Disaggregated Architectures Seamlessly and with Minimal Risk


Enabling operators to fully realize and scale to open, disaggregated
architecture by leveraging legacy equipment and multiple vendors while
reducing IT integration requirements and cost

, (NASDAQ:ADTN), the leading provider of next-generation open
networking solutions, today announced at its 2018 ADTRAN CONNECT Press &
Analyst Event that operators are now realizing the true value of a
platform approach as ADTRAN is helping them build Gigabit networks with Mosaic
Cloud Platform, offering flexibility and the confidence to select
multiple vendors, equipment, open source software and technologies
without the risk of being locked into any one specific vendor or

"Mosaic Cloud Platform allows operators to make smart decisions now on
technologies and partners as they migrate toward an open, disaggregated
architecture without the fear of vendor lock in," ADTRAN Mosaic
Portfolio Director Chris Thompson said. "Mosaic provides a safety net by
introducing elements—whether open source software blocks or physical
equipment—one at a time rather than requiring risky and costly forklift
upgrades. There is no need to wait for a change of mindset or swap out
equipment as Mosaic Cloud will help to orchestrate these migrations and
leverage existing assets—today."

Next generation networks must be flexible and dynamic to accommodate
changes in both hardware and software, which have various release cycles
and states of readiness. This is particularly true as operators are
building modern networks, but need a bridge to their current
capabilities. Mosaic Cloud Platform has helped operators navigate these
challenges in use cases including ADTRAN and at least four other leading
OEMs' network elements and within Tier 1 specific IT/OSS minefields.

Mosaic Cloud Platform enabled a Tier 1 carrier to combine and integrate
complex subscriber management and leading-edge access technology into
its Operation Support Systems (OSS) in a matter of weeks without changes
to its existing IT setup. By recognizing the challenges of coordinating
enhancements among network element interfaces, physical and virtual
network orchestration and IT/OSS integration, Mosaic Cloud is built to
preclude costly equipment swaps and make stepwise progress toward fully
programmable and modern networks without disruption to network
operations—regardless of vendor or technology.

In another use case, a Tier 1 carrier leveraged Mosaic Cloud Platform
after discovering that the open-sourced software-defined network (SDN)
controller it planned to use was missing interfaces needed to work in
its existing network. Mosaic Cloud Platform was able to support the
controller functions needed now and enable the carrier to go to market

Mosaic Cloud Platform can be used to address challenges in operations
when things don't go as planned. For example, Mosaic Cloud Platform
helped a carrier overcome a problem with a legacy switch after IT
integration had already been completed. Rather than incurring costly
delays, Mosaic Cloud Platform quickly added the switch operation within
the same IT framework so that the carrier could execute its original
plan on time and on budget.


ADTRAN, Inc. is the leading global provider of networking and
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ADTRAN solutions are currently in use by service providers, private
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