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City of Chula Vista, Baron & Budd Sue Monsanto For PCB Contamination


Southern California City Joins 10 Public Entities to Demand Corporate
Giant be Held Responsible for Water Contamination

Today, the national law firm of Baron
& Budd
announced that on Tuesday, August 21, the City of Chula
Vista, Calif., filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in the Southern
District of California against Monsanto Company for widespread PCB
contamination (Case No.: 3:18-cv-01942-BEN-JMA). The City is the 11th
public entity on the West Coast to sue Monsanto for PCB contamination.

Monsanto was the exclusive manufacturer of PCBs between 1935 and 1979,
when the chemicals were used in a number of industrial and commercial
applications, such as paint, caulk, electric transformers, cable
coatings, sealants and lubricants. In 1979, PCBs were banned by the
federal government.

PCBs are toxic, cannot be contained to their original applications, and
do not biodegrade in nature. These chemical compounds have been
associated with an extensive number of human health issues, including
cancer and damage to immune, reproductive and endocrine systems. PCBs
have also been found to be dangerous to fish and wildlife. When these
chemicals escape from their original applications, they are washed away
by rain and sent into stormwater systems and contaminate many bodies of

As the operator of a municipal stormwater system which passively
collects and transports stormwater that is discharged into San Diego
Bay, the City has been required and will continue to be required to
spend substantial amounts of money to limit PCBs entering the Bay.

In addition to the City of Chula Vista, Baron & Budd also represents the
Cities of San Diego, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, Long Beach, Seattle,
Spokane, Portland, the Port of Portland, and the State of Washington.

"Monsanto needs to stop playing games and accept responsibility for
cleaning up the mess it's made," said Baron & Budd Shareholder, John
. "Chula Vista is the latest city to recognize that PCB cleanup
costs shouldn't be passed on to its citizens, and I anticipate more
cities and states will continue to follow suit."


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